Celebrating 15 years! Liberteenz has been reborn!

October 16, 2022

Liberteenz, reborn!

Well, it's abrupt, but in fact, our company, Liberteenz, Inc., celebrated its 15th anniversary in March this year🥳🎉As I mentioned in this article before, it's been 15 years since our company was established as a "hidden excellent company".


So, we’re taking this opportunity to establish a purpose! In addition, the company logo has also been renewed! I have rebranded!


Thankfully, many people are watching the blog. So, while introducing our purpose and corporate logo, I would like to introduce our newly reborn company.


Reason for rebranding

The reason for the rebranding this time was a very natural flow.

Founded in 2007, still in the early days of "iPhone? What's that?" In addition, our company has achieved a remarkable feat, with over 10 million total downloads of apps developed in-house on the home of the US App Store, and topping the store rankings. Since then, we have continued to take on many challenges, and started full-scale development and provision of an “advertising agency business specializing in apps and search areas” with ASO as our strength. As a result, we have grown into a company that is known as a "hidden excellent company" known to those in the know because of the somewhat special industry of app marketing.


As we celebrate our 15th anniversary this year, we are in the midst of an unprecedented challenge. Now that we have expanded and grown as a company, we have decided to rebrand in order to carry out our mission of “scientific communication” with all of us and to take a leap forward.


Purpose and Meaning of the Revamped Logo

First of all, an introduction to purpose.



It sounds like a challenge but it's actually simple and clear because this is what our company has been doing for a long time. In order to take on new challenges and develop new, more advanced services, we have to come up with new ideas and deviate from existing molds. This is how we have always created and provided our services.


To become a pioneer, if you stick to stereotypes and common sense, you'll hit a wall someday. So while cherishing them, let's create new services = value for customers and society with flexible thinking! It is "THINK OUT OF THE BOX (creation of value not bound by preconceived notions)" that summarizes it in one phrase.


Now that we have a purpose, a corporate logo that expresses it is good!


Here is the updated logo!


The fan shape in the upper right is bright red, and I personally like how it looks like the sun! It's so vivid ~ 👏


2 things to point out here. 


First is the shape. A logo mark composed of two different shapes cut out from a square. The square expresses the process of "creating without being bound by the frame" by cutting the "pre- existing concept" into different shapes and breaking it down from the beautiful square.


Second is the color. While new technologies are being invented one after another and society itself is undergoing major changes, we are determined to become a company that shines brighter than others, and by creating new value, we will shine a bright light on society and change the world. 


Introducing the value of acclaimed creation!

Well, that's the end of the formalities! As a newly reborn company, we are taking on new challenges to become a pioneer in areas other than ASO. We’ve introduced some of them below: 💁🏻


  1. New service “VOX”

In April of this year, we released " VOX ", an automatic advertisement distribution SaaS with an ASO function. is characterized by Insufficient human resources, excessive man-hours, I don't understand ASO... This is a service created to solve such problems. Currently, we are in the midst of diligent development and improvement to make it even better.


Now you can use the service for free for three months! It's a good opportunity to test usability and effects!


  1. Quit the hidden excellent company!

Our company used to be known to those in the know, but we never intended to hide our company. We would like you to know more about us. What should we do to get people to know about us? Well, let's hold a seminar 💡😃💡We will hold a seminar to let everyone know about our company, and we will deliver the latest information, know-how, this and that. We also have a white paper! We will continue to hold more and more useful seminars and add white papers, so check it out ✅ (Of course, we are also waiting for your ASO consultation)


We will be co-sponsoring a seminar with data.ai soon, so if you are interested, please apply!


  1. Global expansion

Speaking of ASO, the two companies that run the app stores, Apple and Google, are absolutely indispensable. They have a global reach and people all over the world download their apps from the app stores. Yes, the demand for ASO is not limited to Japan.


People all over the world have some kind of worries about ASO… and they want to change the world by shining a bright light on society.


Well then, you have no choice but to cross the sea. Our company is going global!


As you can see in the casually renewed corporate website, we have established a company in the United States and are preparing to create value globally.


If you thought it would be interesting, would you like to work with us?


Currently, we are recruiting a wide range of people, from app marketers to sales to designers, accounting and human resources, regardless of experience, in order to expand globally 🔍


Recruitment | Liberteenz Inc.

Recruitment information of Liberteenz Co., Ltd. 

Liberteenz Co., Ltd. is an Internet advertising business and global business centered on smartphone devices.



  1. Catching up on information for the upcoming new OS

There was a lot of new information at Google I/O and WWDC. As I mentioned in this article, there were some things that made me feel like there was a premonition of turmoil in app marketing.


Naturally, our company, which always intends to be ahead of the curve, does not neglect to catch up on the latest information.


We have a system in place to respond quickly to changes.


I was able to introduce us briefly to you now, even if it was just a part of it. Would you like to know a little more about our company?


In conjunction with the rebranding, we will continue to deliver the latest information and useful articles, so please do not hesitate to contact us 💪💪




As an aside, I personally installed the beta version of iOS 16 for development and

have been messing around with it. I may write another article when something new comes out in the next Beta 3.