Fastest way to Set Up a Custom Product Page on App Store Connect

October 16, 2022

What is a custom product page?

211209note Custom product page overview

This function allows you to create up to 35 patterns of product pages that are different from the default product page. Since it is possible to issue a unique URL, you can guide specific users to your custom product page.

For example, with a VOD app, you can distribute advertisements outside the store appealing to "drama lovers," "movie lovers," and "anime lovers," and set a product page optimized for the user's preferences as the store transition destination.

This kind of usage is likely to be effective in approaching users who have transitioned from outside the App Store.

Early 2022, Apple Search Ads will let you create ad variations with custom product pages. We will post this information as soon as it is released!

This time, I will focus on how to set up a custom product page!

Customizable elements

・Preview video


・Promotional text


- Up to 35 custom product pages can be created. 

・It is possible to issue a unique URL that allows direct transition to each product page.

- Can be submitted for review separately from app updates

Monitoring indicators

・Number of impressions 

・Number of downloads

・Number of re-downloads

・Conversion rate

・Retention data

・Average revenue per paying user

*You can check the specific data for each custom product page.

You can also see if people who download your app from your custom product page spend more time using your app than from your default product page, and if they make more in-app purchases!

Custom Product Pages - App Store - Apple Developer

With custom product pages, you can create additional versions

Permissions required to set up custom product pages in App Store Connect

App Store Connect permissions can be checked from the following URL, but it seems that the information related to the custom product page has not been updated. I will post here as soon as there is an update!

By the way, when I tried making a custom product page with App Manager authority and Marketing authority, it was possible to create one with either choice.

Roles in the Apple Developer Program - Support - Apple Developer

Let's create it right away!

I summarized the flow that I actually tried on the screen of our company application "Dragon Paradise". On App Store Connect, first select the app you want to create a product page from My App and execute the following.

① Click [Custom product page].

② Click [Create custom product page]. Click ⊕ on the right side of [Custom product page (?/35)] when creating the second or later.

Set the reference name here. The reference name is the name used to identify the page in App Analytics. This name will not appear on the actual custom product page. In the Copy existing custom product page field, choose to start with a blank page or make changes to an existing product page. [Ready for distribution] means that the product has already been distributed or has been reviewed. Although it is not in the image, there is also an item called [Preparing to submit], which seems to refer to the version that has not yet been submitted for review. This time, we selected [1.8.20 ready to deliver], which is the version currently being delivered.

・The screenshot of the primary language is displayed in advance.

However, screenshots in languages ​​other than the primary language are not displayed, and it is necessary to submit them again.

・The order of screenshots and videos can be changed by dragging the images.

All videos are gathered before screenshots.

・Set up to 3 videos and 10 screenshots.

・Settings are separated for each display size, and changes do not affect each other.

・You can add new images and videos from [Select file]. (Drop is also possible)

・You can delete the screenshot by placing the cursor on the image and pressing ⊝ on the upper left.

・If you make a mistake in the size, a warning will be displayed on the settings screen.

・Screenshots and previews are required to comply with the following specifications (same as the product page).

App preview

・It is possible to register both vertical and horizontal screenshots.

(I will add it as soon as I understand how it will be displayed on the store after applying!)

Promotional text

Up to 110 characters can be entered (note that this is different from the normal upper limit of 170 characters)

Save and submit for review

Click Save on the top right of the screen to save the contents of the custom product page.

When you save, the information of the saved custom product page will be displayed on the screen at the start of creation.

Click Add for Review to move to the submission confirmation screen.

You can submit for review from [Submit to App Review] on the upper right.


Thank you for reading the whole post!

As an added bonus, your custom product page won't show up when you search for apps and games on the App Store, but it will show up in our editor-curated selections in the Today, Games, and Apps tabs. It seems that there is something to be done.

Reference: Custom Product Pages-App Store

With the implementation of custom product pages, it is possible to further personalize app advertising, and the effect of app promotion is likely to increase further.

Early next year, Apple Search Ads will let you create ad variations with custom product pages, which is a pretty exciting feature! 👀

Apple Search Ads has a function called Creative Sets that allows you to sort screenshots, but I think it will be possible to take a more advanced approach to users.

This time, we have introduced the procedure for setting up custom product pages, but we will continue to provide articles as needed if we find out anything after using the custom product page in further detail! 💪

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