Three New Marketing Features Added to the App Store Explained!

October 16, 2022

What you can learn from this article In this article, we will explain the three features announced to be implemented soon at WWDC21. 

  • Product page optimization
  • In-App Events
  • Custom product pages

Finally iOS15 was released yesterday!

Those involved in app development and app marketing who thought "I don't know what that is..." about the three new features, read on to find out more about the new features!

For those of you who say "I already know", let's review what kind of function it is!

Nice to meet you! My name is Terada, and I am in charge of design at Liberteenz.

In the area of ​​app advertising and ASO, as a designer, I am working every day to improve the store information so that I can convey the appeal of the customer's app while making full use of the functions of the App Store.

Since the store situation and algorithms change day by day, we are also responsible for the research and function utilization!

Below, we will tell you the results of the survey on the newly added functions this time!

Product page optimization

You can finally A/B test the App Store! 🎉😭Until now, A/B testing has not been possible on the App Store, so there are many cases where store creatives are improved by comparing before and after results. I think by enabling A/B testing on the App Store, the method of improving store creatives in the future is likely to change significantly.

Testable elements

It is possible to test with four elements: icons, screenshots, preview videos, and promotional texts, and up to three test patterns can be set.

How is the examination going?

Icon assets must be included in the binary of the current live version of the app only for icon testing, requiring submission of a new version of the app.

When testing screenshots, preview videos, and promotional texts, it seems that you can start testing without submitting a new version, although it will be confirmed by App Review.

Other things you can do

Adjustment of display ratio

"For example, if you prepare an existing pattern and three test patterns and test them, if you set the test pattern display ratio to 30%, each of the three test patterns will be displayed at 10%."

has been announced.

Display the test pattern on the home screen 

If there is a normal icon and a test pattern icon during the test, the icon that was displayed at the time of download will be displayed on the home screen!

Because of this feature, it seems that version submission is required when starting icon testing, as introduced in "Items that can be tested with Product page optimization."

Can be tested in specific localizations 

If your app is distributed in multiple localizations, you can test in specific localizations. Start with small-scale tests and propagate successful patterns to other localizations. Verify whether there is a difference in store creatives that respond well depending on localization. 

Test period of up to 90 days

Monitoring indicators

Results including indicators can be monitored such as number of impressions, number of downloads, number of conversions, and improvement of each process compared to baseline.

In-App Events

In-App Events are things like sports games, new movie premieres, and live streaming. An "event card" function that allows you to find In-App Events directly on the iOS and iPadOS App Store will be implemented!

Up to 10 approved event cards can be registered at once, and up to 5 event cards can be published on the App Store at once.

Where the event card is displayed in the App Store

Screenshot 2021-09-14 7.48.02

In-App Events, it seems that the display of search results will change greatly depending on whether the app has been downloaded or not.

Metadata required for event card settings

Although it is not clearly stated on the content and function introduction page at WWDC21, the display size of the image is different between the event card and the event details page, and it seems that the image itself can be set differently.

Details of event badges 

There are several types of “event badges” required for event card settings, and it seems that the most suitable one for each event is selected.

Monitoring indicators

You can monitor event card performance, number of impressions, number of views of the event page, number of installs, etc.

Flow from publication to archiving of In-App Events

Reference: Meet in-app events on the App Store - WWDC21 - Videos

   App events - App Store

Custom Product Pages

It is a function that allows creatives different from the default product page of up to 35 patterns to be posted on the store. Since it is possible to issue a unique URL, you can direct specific users to your custom store page.

This function seems to be an effective function as an approach to users who have transitioned from outside the App Store!

Customizable elements

・Preview video


・Promotional text


・You can create up to 35 Custom product pages.

・It is possible to issue a unique URL that allows direct transition to each variation page.

・You can send it for review separately from updating the application, so no update is required.

Monitoring indicators

· Impressions

· Downloads

· Conversion rate

· Earnings

· Retention rate

· Retention data for each custom product page 

· Measure the average revenue per paying user for each custom product page

You can monitor these metrics.

Reference: Get ready to optimize your App Store product page - WWDC21 - Videos - Apple Developer

Summary (and impressions)

With the advent of iProduct page optimization (A/B test function), it will be easier to rotate and store creative PDCA for all apps. With speedy store improvements now possible, the creatives lined up on the App Store are likely to become even more attractive! Also, with the advent of In-App Events and Custom product pages, it seems that it will be possible to present highly relevant and effective product pages to users.

For example, in the VOD app, I feel that by using the event card function of In-App Events to create an event for new product announcements, we can create excitement.

It may be an opportunity for existing users who have stopped their subscription to return, and for new users to deepen their interest in the app with event cards in addition to screenshot information.

As for custom product pages, it seems to have a great effect depending on the ingenuity of any genre of application! That's what I think, but I personally feel that EC apps have a very strong effect.

If you find an attractive product in an advertisement outside the store, and when you transition from the advertisement to the store, you will feel strongly that the e-commerce app is very attractive if you see your favorite products on the screen shot.

Thank you for reading this far!

From now on, we plan to write articles about the latest information on the App Store and the results of various verifications. Please look forward to it!

As soon as Product page optimization (A/B testing feature) is released, we plan to write an article on how to set it up!

Last but not least, we are a professional partner for attracting app customers. Both iOS and Android are available, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with app advertising or ASO measures!

See you soon 👋