Ultra-optimized ASA on Custom Product Pages for iOS! Introduction of Setting Methods and Recommended Ideas

October 16, 2022

What is a custom product page?

A custom product page is one of the new features of the App Store released in iOS15 in 2021.

You can now create up to 35 unique product page patterns.

Since you can create product pages with various patterns, you can use it by changing the transition destination product page according to the appeal of the advertising medium!

Custom Product Pages - App Store - Apple Developer

A custom product page creates an additional version of your app's product page to highlight specific features or content.


Until now, no matter which advertising medium the user entered, they would have transitioned to the same product page.

Therefore, if you use a custom product page, you can match the appeal of the advertising medium with the appeal of the product page, making it easier for users to positively install the app.

Please continue reading this post for more details!

What happens when you use a custom product page for ASA?

So what are the implications of using custom product pages in ASA? We believe that there are two positive effects of ASA: an increase in the install rate and activation inside the app.

・Improved install rate

People looking for apps on the App Store using search are seeking apps with a specific purpose. Since your ASA will be visible to those active users, you'll be more likely to install it if you use a custom product page to highlight the content they're looking for!

Users who search for “anime” are looking for an app that allows them to watch unlimited anime.

Activation inside the app

Additionally, there is also an effect to promote user behavior within the app.

For example, in the case of a VOD app, by appealing to users who search for "anime" for popular anime works, it may lead to membership registration immediately after installation.

However, there are many uncertainties when it comes to what kind of appeal will have a positive impact until you actually verify it, so we recommend that you use the PDCA cycle and verify it!

Let's set it up with ASA!

The flow until the actual setting is as follows.

  1. Set the pattern on App Store Connect 
  2. Configure on ASA

1. Set up patterns on App Store Connect

To use custom product pages, you must first set up patterns in App Store Connect.

What you can customize on the custom product page:

・Preview video (App preview)


・Promotional text

We’re going to discuss the custom product pages set up with ASA, so if you haven't set one up with App Store Connect yet, please read this article!

2. Configure on ASA

In ASA, you can set it for each ad group. (Similar to the previous ASA function and creative set)

Therefore, before setting custom product pages, create ad groups for each keyword appeal.

Below is the actual setup:

Enter the Ad Group screen and click "Advertisement"

Click "Create Ad"

Then move to the next screen

Custom product page setting screen

  1. Enter the name of the custom product page to be used (name to identify the pattern on ASA)
  2. Select the one to use from the displayed patterns
  3. Click "Save"

This is all you need to set up your custom product page! Setting up a custom product page in ASA does not mean that all users will see your custom product page! According to our research, the custom product page is applied to users of iOS 15.2 or later, and the default product page is applied to users of earlier OS versions. Therefore, it should be noted that the advertiser cannot adjust the delivery ratio.

Distribute and verify effectiveness

Let's deliver the custom product page once the settings are complete!

Setting up ASA is very easy, so please try using it more and more!

Suggested Ideas for Custom Product Pages

Here are some ideas for delivering custom product pages.

Please refer to what kind of appeal you make on what axis!

Ideas using Apple Search Ads targeting:

1. Genre that can be implemented locally: food delivery, matching application, transportation system 

2. Gender

Possible genre: Matching app

・Different campaigns are being carried out for men and women.

💬It is especially effective when the billing method is different for men and women.

Different genders have varying requirements for an app, so it is effective to separate appeal methods even if you are not running a campaign.

3. Age

Potential genres: Recruitment career change apps, EC apps

・Functions required for apps differ by age group.

・ What is viewed in the app differs for each age group.

💬We can expect an efficient influx from a wide range of people by dividing appeal methods by age group.

4. New/reinstall

Possible genres: games, matching apps

・We are conducting campaigns for new and returning users.

💬 For apps that have been released for a long time, the percentage of reinstalls is high.

Displaying campaign appeals when searching for apps of a similar genre may lead to a return.

Ideas for optimizing for each keyword to be distributed

  1. Search by keywords to be distributed. Refer to apps that are displayed at the top.
  2. Include keywords to be distributed in screenshots and descriptions to increase relevance with keywords seen by users.
  3. Effectiveness verification method
  4. Approximate delivery period: 2 weeks to 1 month

💬 When truly analyzing the delivery results of ASA using custom product pages, I

felt that it would be difficult to address unless about 1000 impressions were generated for each ad group. 

Although it is only a guideline, it takes about 2 weeks to 1 month to deliver and compare the data with the custom product page set and the default data.

Let's check if there is a difference in CTR, CVR, etc.


Thank you for reading this far!

With the ability to set up custom product pages with ASA, it will be possible to approach users in a way that sets them apart from the Creative Sets that have previously been used, and ASA's presence will likely increase even further!

The ideas introduced in this article are just a few examples, but I hope that it will be a hint to find a method of appeal that matches the characteristics of the app.

I think you can see that the settings are surprisingly easy, so try it out for yourself if you’d like!

Last but not least, we are a professional partner for attracting app customers. Both iOS and Android are available, so please feel free to contact us if you have any problems with app advertising or ASO measures!

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