Keep this in mind! Two Things Every App Marketer Should Know from WWDC2022

October 16, 2022

1. SKAdNetwork 4.0


SKAdNetwork has been available since iOS14.5, but the latest version is scheduled to be released in the second half of 2022.

It is premised on meeting the privacy threshold (a certain number of installs), but it seems that there are more metrics that can be measured.

Here are 4 things to pay attention to!

Hierarchical source identifiers

Previously, it was called Campaign ID, which only identified installed campaigns, but with this change, it will be possible to identify campaign values, ad placements, ad creative types, and more.

For this, we are changing the campaign identifier field. Currently, this is a 2 digit field. We will increase the range of this field to 4 digits and rename it to source identifier.

Strictly speaking, previously it was possible to set a 2-digit source ID, but now it is possible to set a hierarchical source ID of up to 4 digits.


It is possible to give a hierarchical structure to the source ID for each number of digits, such as campaign → location → placement

In addition, the privacy threshold is divided into three stages:

if it does not meet: 2 digits 

If it meets to some extent: 3 digits

If it meets: 4 digits

can be identified.


The source ID that can be acquired changes depending on the degree to which the threshold is met.

With this change, it is possible to evaluate advertisements in more detail, so

it is expected that the range of advertising operations will be expanded by differentiating advertisements and changing campaign types.

Also, hierarchical source IDs can be freely set for each developer, so there is more flexibility in ad evaluation using SKAd...!


Hierarchical conversion values

[Conversion value with different granularity] can be obtained depending on whether the privacy threshold is satisfied or not, just like the source ID.

This means that the conversion value, which could not be measured until now unless the threshold was met, can now be determined!

If it does not satisfy: Cannot be obtained ... If it satisfies to some extent: 3 levels of "low, medium, high" (coarse granularity)

If it satisfies the threshold: 64 fine values ​​(same as before)


If a detailed value of "42" is the conversion value, either "high" or "42" can be obtained as the conversion value if the threshold is met.

In other words, even if the number of installs is small, it is quantified in rough granularity such as "low, medium, high" (coarse granularity) to infer whether the user reached a deeper conversion. becomes possible.

Until now, conversion values ​​could not be obtained if there were few installs, but this change makes it easier to measure user behavior while reducing granularity, making it easier to place minimum ads. Isn't that the point?


Multiple Conversions Postbacks

With this update, you will be able to receive up to 3 postbacks, which you could only receive once before .

The conversion windows (postback timing) are 0-2 days, 3-7 days, and 8-35 days from the first launch, respectively.


You can get postbacks up to 3 times!

In other words, even if the timer is not updated and postbacks are made in a short period of time,

it is possible to receive multiple postbacks after that, so it is possible to obtain a more realistic conversion value .

However, note that the 2nd and 3rd postbacks are subject to privacy thresholds and only coarse-grained conversion values ​​are posted back!


SKAdNetwork attributions for web

This update will also support ad attribution on the web.

*At the time of the announcement, it seems that attribution from Safari is supported.

SKAdNetwork will support attribution for web-based ads that direct to the advertised app's App Store product page. Advertisers will be able to attribute in-app advertising, as well as web advertising using Private Click Measurement.


For example, if you are using web listing ads, you can use SKAdNetwok to track your ads. This will reduce the hurdles of advertising on web media, which could only be measured with estimated values ​​in the past!

How will things change from now on?

To be honest, we can't say for sure how this announcement will change app marketing in the future. .

However, anticipating various changes in the future and preparing for them will determine whether or not we will be able to ride the rough seas ahead.

We will update this article from time to time, so I would be very happy if you could stop by on a regular basis!

Below is a list of what might happen in the future.

・What kind of response will each MMP take?

→I expect that a management screen that allows more detailed analysis will be implemented.

・Does the MMP need to be updated?

→Just wait for information from each MMP!

 We will update this article from time to time!

When will it actually be available?

→Similar to the time when ATT became mandatory, it is expected to be around the same time as the release of the new OS (iOS16).

・Who is the target user?

→ ① iOS 14.5 or later users (same as before)

 ② iOS 16 users

 are expected to be in two ways.

2. App Store Connect update

App Store Connect also seems to have a major update.

(Although some functions were added in 2022...)

I will pick up and explain some points that marketers should know about the changes around that!

Grouping review submissions

With the update announced today, you can now group your App Review submissions and submit them all at once!

The following four are covered.

・App Version

・In App Events

・Custom Product Pages

・Product Page Optimization

The advantage of submitting a group for review is that it will be

reviewed at once, ensuring consistency in the review !

Also, even if only one of the items in the group fails the review, simply deleting that item from the group will allow the other items to be published, so you can avoid troubles.

Finding Apps to Benchmarked (App Benchmark)

On App Store Connect, a function <App Benchmark> will be implemented that will allow you to compare the performance of your app with competing apps in the same category. (Scheduled to be released in early 2023)

If you can compare your company with competing apps, it will be clear what improvements you should focus on.

What is App Benchmark?

A peer group (comparison group) is created on App Store Connect. Apps to be compared in the peer group are selected under the following conditions.

(1) Apps belonging to the same app category

(2) Apps with the same business model (free apps, freemium apps, paid apps, paymium apps, subscriptions)


Benchmark apps and in-house apps will be lined up in order of conversion, etc.

In order to line up under the above conditions, developers will not be able to identify each other's apps!

I'll let you know in another post when it's actually released!

What indicators can you see?

Acquisition, utilization, and monetization metrics.

In other words, you can compare conversion rate, retention rate (+ crash rate) and average revenue (ARPPU) .


From left to right: conversion rate, retention rate (+ crash rate), average revenue (ARPPU)

How to Use It

By simply comparing it with other apps in the peer group, it becomes easier to judge whether there is room for improvement or whether we should focus on other areas.

You can also encourage better app performance by combining other App Store Connect features.

Utilization of App Clips

By utilizing app clips that allow you to use functions before installing an application, it is possible to easily provide a high-quality user experience.

For more information, please visit this page.


In-App Purchases The App Store allows you to leverage in-app purchases for marketing.

For example, you can use subscription offers to offer free or discounted prices for a certain period of time,

promote In App Events, and much more!

For more information, please visit this page



What did you think?

We have picked up two points that are particularly important for marketing from those announced at WWDC2022!

If you have any questions or want to know in the comments, we will update our views and the latest information, so please feel free to comment!

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