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Automatization of Apple Search Ads

With the use of AI technology, we will compensate for the shortage of human capital by automating ad distributions and operations of ASA.

Enjoy precise keyword selection and effective campaign planning. Maximize ad campaign effectiveness quickly with no need for expertise.

Data Driven Suggestions for ASO

Apple Search Ads are the only ads for iOS users that produce reliable user data. Find the ASO that will maximize organic traffic.

One of the biggest strengths and attributes of V.O.X is the suggestions of highly effective ASO based on reliable ASA data.

Maximize Customer Attraction

Automate ASA distributions and operations, then use the data to implement the ASO. Make a continuous study cycle by applying the synergy created from working on these two areas simultaneously.

As a result, the app increases its outreach at an accelerated rate. This is the concept of V.O.X

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