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Combine Apple Search Ads with organic strategies

App Store Optimization and Apple Search Ads synergy diagram

Combine Apple Search Ads (ASA) and App Store Optimization (ASO) to create the optimal app growth cycle

Connecting user data puzzle for improved advertisements

Connect user data from ASA to organic insights from ASO to create tailored advertising campaigns

Optimzed advertisements sent out to various ad networks

Distribute optimized product page to other channels to increase user traffic

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Take your app growth to another level

App data chart going upward
Apple Search Ads that produce results

Utilize potential user data for
app campaigns

Apple Search Ads is the only ad network with direct access to Apple App Store data. This access allows for apps to leverage Apple Search Ads data to create high quality product pages based on user data gathered from user acquisition efforts. That is why Apple Search Ads is the cornerstone of our app marketing methodologies and heavily incorporated into V.O.X.

Connecting user data puzzle for improved advertisements
App Store Optimization made better

Build data-driven app product pages

App Store Optimization (ASO) for many apps is the foundation for nearly all organic user acquisition strategies. Having the right mix of keywords, screenshots, app icons, and user reviews is difficult to obtain. V.O.X collects the data from Apple Search Ads and gathers it into one place to allow for improved ASO creation and conversion.

Resources effeciently being used for advertisements
Create more monetization opportunities

Gain more installs across all channels

After creating a user data-driven product page and achieving higher install conversion in the App Store, apps are able to capitalize and leverage every user interaction across all ad channels. Further feeding user and customer data from these channels into custom product pages allows and organic strategies allows for increased monetization opportunities.

Path through the mountains leading to the goal
Guide you down the path of app growth

Be on equal footing with your competitiors

Identifying the right areas to improve and grow upon can be difficult, especially for start-ups and app marketing beginners. That's why we will walk you through step-by-step the app growth process and optimal ways to acquire new quality users for your app. Our goal is to make you as self-independent as possible in app marketing.

Bringing app growth knowledge to everyone

+ 500 Million

Organic installs (Accumulative)

+ 15 Years

Experience in app industry (developer + marketer)

+ 150 Apps

Ranking first for non-brand keywords

+ 35% CR

Average increase in conversion rate

+ 1000 Experiments

App Store analysis performed every month

+ 65%

Leveraged increase in ad spend effectiveness

After 3 months our apps see...

+ 30%

Return on Ad Spend

- 18%

Cost Per Install

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