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Paid messages used by businesses and individuals to promote their products, services, or brands. Advertisements can be delivered through various media, including television, radio, newspapers, online, and outdoor advertising.

What this means:

Product and Service Awareness Enhancement

Through advertising, companies can introduce new products and services to the market and inform consumers about their features and benefits. This can increase product awareness and attract consumer interest.

Brand Image Building

Advertising helps build a brand's image and reputation. Companies can express their values and identity through advertising, creating an emotional connection with consumers.Sales IncreaseEffective advertising can directly lead to an increase in sales. In particular, promotional and discount advertisements can stimulate consumer purchasing desire and promote revenue growth in a short period of time.

Market Competitiveness Enhancement

Through advertising, companies can differentiate themselves from competitors and strengthen their position in the market. Also, advertising can serve as a barrier for new entrants, helping existing players maintain their market share.

Information Provision

Advertising provides consumers with information about products and services. This information, which includes price, available features, and purchasing methods, helps consumers make purchase decisions based on the information.

Promotion of Entertainment and Creativity

Advertising often provides entertainment and creativity, giving consumers a positive impression. Creative advertisements are more likely to become a topic of conversation and are more memorable for the brand.Support for Media and ContentAdvertising revenue is an important source of income for many media outlets and content creators. This allows for the provision of content at no or low cost.

From these points, advertising plays an important role in promoting economic activity, providing information to consumers, and stimulating creativity and innovation.

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