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App Store Connect


A platform provided by Apple, used by developers to manage iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS apps, and to support sales on the App Store.

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App Submission and Management

Through App Store Connect, developers can submit new apps to the App Store or update existing ones. This includes updating version information, uploading screenshots, and editing descriptions.

Sales and Revenue Tracking

App Store Connect provides sales reports and download statistics, helping developers understand their app's performance and optimize their business strategy.

User Review and Feedback Management

Developers can use App Store Connect to review user feedback and respond directly if necessary. This improves communication with users and helps manage the app's reputation.

Testing and Quality Assurance

App Store Connect is integrated with TestFlight, allowing developers to distribute beta versions of their apps to specific testers and collect feedback. This helps fix bugs before release and improve the user experience.

Providing Promotion Codes and Special Offers

Developers can generate promotion codes through App Store Connect and offer their apps or in-app purchases for free or at a discounted price to specific user groups.6. User Access Management: In App Store Connect, developers can assign different access rights to team members. This promotes efficient teamwork while maintaining security.

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