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App Store Optimization


An optimization process to improve the visibility of apps in the App Store and increase the number of downloads. This includes the selection of keywords, app descriptions, and optimization of screenshots.

Why should I do ASO?

Improvement of App Visibility

With millions of apps in the app store, it's very difficult for users to find the app they're looking for. By optimizing the app's title, description, keywords, etc. through ASO, it's possible to improve the app's ranking in search results and make it easier for more users to find the app.

Increase in Installs

When an app appears at the top of search results, its visibility improves, which in turn increases the number of downloads. This directly affects the app's revenue and promotes business growth.

Improvement of User Engagement

ASO can optimize elements such as the app's description and screenshots, allowing you to convey attractive and persuasive messages to users. This increases the likelihood of users downloading and continuing to use the app.

Optimization of Reviews and Ratings

As part of ASO, it's important to pay attention to managing the app's reviews and ratings. Good reviews and high ratings demonstrate reliability to other users and promote app downloads.

Reduction of Marketing Costs

By effectively implementing ASO, you can acquire users organically, without relying on advertising or other marketing activities. This allows for a reduction in marketing costs in the long term.

Securing Competitive Advantage

By improving app visibility and download numbers through ASO, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and secure a competitive advantage in the market.

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