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Brand Keyword


Keywords related to a specific brand or product.

1. High Relevance and Conversion RateWhen users search for brand keywords, there is a high probability that they are already interested in that brand or product. Therefore, advertisements using brand keywords have high relevance and increase the likelihood of clicks and conversions.2. Brand ProtectionBy using brand keywords in advertisements, you can prevent competitors from using your brand name in their advertisements. This helps protect your brand image and shield potential customers from competitors.3. Improvement of ROIBy using brand keywords, you can directly reach targets who are interested in your brand. This maximizes marketing effectiveness and can also enhance the cost-effectiveness of advertising expenses. Brand keywords are typically the most cost-effective keywords. Therefore, for app developers, it is crucial to consider how to increase brand keyword searches.4. Improvement of Cost EfficiencyBrand keywords tend to have less competition, which can lead to lower cost-per-click (CPC). This can improve the cost efficiency of your advertising campaigns.5. Improvement of User ExperienceAdvertisements using brand keywords are directly related to the information users are looking for, which can improve the user experience. This can enhance the credibility of the brand and customer satisfaction.

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