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"Conversion" refers to the completion of a specific target action by website visitors or app users. This target action can vary depending on the business goals, including purchases, lead generation, sign-ups, page views, downloads, etc. In the case of app marketing, "install", "download", "IAP (In-App Purchase)", and "user's reach to a specific point within the app" are also defined as conversions.

1. Performance EvaluationThis refers to the process of assessing the performance of marketing campaigns or websites by calculating the conversion rate (the number of conversions divided by traffic). A high conversion rate reflects effective marketing and user experience.2. Maximizing ROIThis refers to the process of maximizing the return on marketing investment by optimizing conversions. By converting more visitors into customers, it is possible to increase revenue.3. Improving User ExperienceThis refers to the necessity of improving the user experience of websites or apps to increase conversions. This can enhance visitor satisfaction and strengthen loyalty to the brand.4. Data-Driven Decision MakingThis refers to the process of understanding what is working well and what needs improvement by analyzing conversion data. This enables decision-making based on data.5. Market and Competitive AnalysisThis refers to the process of evaluating the company's position in the market and formulating strategies to secure competitive advantages by comparing the company's conversion rate with industry averages and competitors.6. Improving ProfitabilityThis refers to the direct method of improving profitability through conversion optimization. By providing more effective marketing and superior user experience, it is possible to increase revenue.

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