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The number of downloads refers to the number of times a user has downloaded an app to their device. This may include not only new downloads, but also the number of times the app has been re-downloaded after uninstall.

The number of downloads can be greater than the number of installs. This is because some users may not complete the install after downloading the app, or they may uninstall and re-download the app. The number of installs is usually equal to or less than the number of downloads. If the install is successful, the number of downloads and installs will match. However, if the download is cancelled midway or if there are technical issues, the number of installs will be less than the number of downloads. Analyzing the number of downloads can help evaluate the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and the appeal of the app. A high number of downloads indicates that the app is attracting attention. Analyzing the number of installs can help evaluate the smoothness of the app's install process and whether the app is accepted by users. A high number of installs indicates that the app is valuable and easy to use for users.

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