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Free App(App Store)


A "Free App" in the App Store refers to an app that users can download and use without paying a fee. These apps typically adopt a revenue model through in-app advertisements and in-app purchases.

1. Ease of User AcquisitionFree apps have a lower barrier to download compared to paid apps, making it easier to acquire more users. This is particularly important for new or less well-known apps.2. Opportunity for Ad RevenueMany free apps generate revenue by displaying ads. The larger the user base, the more opportunities there are for ad revenue.3. Promotion of In-App PurchasesFree apps provide an opportunity to demonstrate the value of the app to users, and then generate revenue through in-app purchases. This allows users to purchase additional features according to their needs.4. Improvement of User EngagementFree apps can easily attract users and improve engagement. High engagement leads to an increase in the number of ad impressions and opportunities for in-app purchases.5. Expansion of Market ShareFree apps can be a means to rapidly expand market share. By having many users try the app, it is possible to differentiate from competitors and improve brand recognition.6. Collection of User FeedbackBy acquiring a large number of users, developers can collect more feedback and use it to improve the app.7. Long-Term Revenue OpportunitiesFree apps make it easy to acquire initial users and provide long-term revenue opportunities through subsequent in-app purchases and ad revenue.

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