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Generic Keywords(General Keywords)


"Generic Keywords" or "General Keywords" refer to broad terms or phrases that do not depend on specific brands or product names. These keywords represent general concepts or categories related to specific products or services, and may be applicable to various products or brands.

1. Broad ReachUsing generic keywords allows you to access a wide range of target audiences. These keywords are not specific to any brand or product, enabling you to reach users with various interests and needs.2. Improved Brand AwarenessWhen introducing a new brand or product to the market, using generic keywords can help build brand recognition and increase product awareness.3. Increased TrafficGeneric keywords often have high search volumes, so targeting these keywords can increase traffic to your website or app.4. Strengthening ASO and PPC CampaignsGeneric keywords can be used in both App Store Optimization (ASO) and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising campaigns. This can simultaneously enhance visibility in both organic search results and paid advertisements.5. Conversion OpportunitiesGeneric keywords can attract users who have not yet committed to a specific product or brand. This can create opportunities to convert these users into customers.

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