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Impression Share


Impression Share is a metric that indicates the ratio of the number of times an advertisement was displayed to the number of opportunities it had to be displayed. This metric is useful for understanding how much visibility an advertisement has gained in specific keywords, ad groups, and campaigns.

1. Evaluation of Ad VisibilityImpression Share helps evaluate the visibility of ads by indicating how much they are displayed on search result pages or display networks. A high Impression Share means that the ad is frequently displayed, while a low Impression Share indicates room for improvement.2. Understanding Market ShareBy analyzing Impression Share, you can understand the market share of your ads in specific keywords or market segments. This allows you to evaluate your comparison with competitors and your positioning in the market.3. Optimization of Budget and Bidding StrategyA low Impression Share may be due to a lack of advertising budget or low bid amounts. By analyzing Impression Share, you can adjust your budget and bidding strategy to maximize ad exposure.4. Performance ImprovementBy using Impression Share data, you can improve the overall performance of your ad campaign by analyzing it along with other performance indicators such as click-through rate (CTR) and conversion rate.5. Identification of OpportunitiesA low Impression Share indicates that you are missing opportunities to display your ads. By analyzing this, you can identify potential opportunities for ad exposure and utilize them.6. Maximizing ROIBy optimizing Impression Share, you can effectively use your advertising budget and maximize your return on investment (ROI).

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