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Install is the process of making apps or software executable on a device. When a user installs an app, the necessary files are copied to the device, and settings are made for the app to function properly.

install indicates a state where the app is ready to be actually used by the user. For app developers and marketers, the number of installs is an important metric for measuring the adoption rate of the app.On the other hand, downloading is the process of transferring a file on the internet to a local device. The number of downloads is a metric that shows how much interest the app is attracting, but it does not necessarily indicate whether the app is actually being used. There are users who only download but do not install or use the app, so it is difficult to evaluate overall success based on download numbers alone.Downloading refers to the file transfer process, while install refers to the process of making the app executable on the device using that file. Having a high number of app downloads is a good sign, but the ultimate goal is to get users to install and use the app.

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