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iOS is a mobile operating system developed by Apple, used on devices such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. iOS is widely used around the world and holds a large share in the mobile device market.

1. Securing Market ShareiOS is widely used around the world and has a very high market share in certain countries and regions. This large market share provides an attractive platform for developers and promotes the development of many apps for iOS.2. Expanding User BaseThe large market share of iOS provides app developers and businesses with the opportunity to access a wide range of user bases. This promotes the spread of products and services and can be expected to improve revenue.3. Revenue Generation OpportunitiesiOS users generally have a high purchasing desire and tend to spend money on in-app purchases and paid apps. Therefore, the iOS platform provides a great opportunity for revenue generation for app developers and businesses.4. Enhancing Brand ValueApple products are highly rated for their quality and design, and offering iOS apps has the effect of enhancing brand value. By being present on the iOS platform, which has a high market share, credibility and prestige are enhanced.5. Optimization of Development ResourcesSince iOS is composed of a limited number of device models, the development and testing process is relatively simple. By optimizing apps for iOS, which has a large market share, it is possible to use development resources efficiently and provide higher quality products.6. Security and PrivacyiOS places a strong focus on security and privacy, providing users with a safe environment. This is attractive to security-conscious users and businesses and is an important factor in maintaining the market share of iOS.

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