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Keyword Prominence


Keyword Prominence is a metric that evaluates the placement and emphasis of keywords within a webpage or app description page. If a keyword is placed in important areas such as the page title, meta tags, headings, the first paragraph, app descriptions, and titles, that keyword is considered 'prominent'. Prominent keywords play a crucial role when search engine or app store search algorithms analyze the content of the page to understand the theme or topic, and may potentially improve the page's position in search results or app store rankings.

Search Engine and App Store Rankings: Keyword prominence is one of the important factors when evaluating web pages and app description pages. If keywords are placed in prominent positions, search engines and app stores can more easily determine that the page or app is related to that keyword.Improving User Experience: When users visit web pages or apps, it's important to highlight key keywords so they can find the information they're looking for quickly. This improves the user experience and reduces the bounce rate of the site or app.Strengthening the Relevance of Content and Apps: By properly managing keyword prominence, you can strengthen the relevance of content and apps, and make pages and apps more appropriately evaluated for specific keywords or phrases.

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