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LAT(Limit Ad Tracking)


Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) refers to an option that allows users to limit ad tracking in their device settings. On iOS devices, users can enable this option in the privacy settings of the 'Settings' app. When LAT is enabled, app developers and advertisers cannot access the Identifier for Advertisers (IDFA), making it difficult to conduct behavioral targeting advertising, measurement, and analysis for users.

1. Respect for User PrivacyLAT provides users with the means to control their own privacy. This allows us to provide a reliable user experience in today's world where the number of users who value privacy is increasing.2. Transparency in Data Collection and UseUnderstanding and respecting the existence of LAT as an advertiser is important in demonstrating an attitude of transparent data collection and use, and in building trust with users.3. Adjustment of Advertising Effect MeasurementUsers with LAT enabled cannot be tracked, so in app marketing, it is necessary to adjust the method of measuring the advertising effect for non-tracking users and develop new measurement standards and methods.4. Review of Targeting StrategyDue to LAT, traditional behavioral targeting becomes difficult, so advertisers need to consider alternative strategies such as demographic data and context-based targeting.5. Diversification of MarketingSignificance: If some data becomes unavailable due to LAT, advertisers will have to rely more on diversifying their advertisements and organic user acquisition strategies.

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