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Leverage Marketing


A strategy to maximize marketing effects by utilizing existing resources and assets.

1. Improvement of Cost EfficiencyIn Leveraged Marketing, you can reduce the cost of new marketing activities by utilizing your existing customer base, partnerships, and brand recognition.2. Expansion of ReachBy leveraging your existing customers and partners' networks, you can efficiently expand your reach to new customers. This is particularly effective through word-of-mouth and referral programs.3. Strengthening of Brand ValueThrough Leveraged Marketing, by highlighting your brand's story, user testimonials, and success stories, you can strengthen your brand's value and increase its credibility.4. Increase in EngagementBy deepening relationships with existing customers and turning them into brand advocates, you can gain more engagement. This makes it easier to acquire new customers.5. Securing Competitive AdvantageCompared to other competitors, you can build your own competitive advantage by skillfully utilizing existing resources.6. Diversification of MarketingLeveraged Marketing enhances the flexibility of marketing by combining many different methods and channels, thereby diversifying risks.7. Acceleration of GrowthBy building on existing successes and launching new marketing activities, you can accelerate the growth of your app.

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