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Open Rate


Feedback and opinions written by users about the app. Reviews, like ratings, play a role in showing the quality of the app and user satisfaction to other users, and can affect the number of app downloads and its popularity.

1. User Engagement MetricsOpen Rate indicates how much interest users have in the app and how valuable they feel the app is. A high Open Rate indicates that users are satisfied with the app, and as a result, it means that there is a high possibility that users will continue to use the app.2. Correlation with ASOThe App Store and Google Play Store consider user engagement as one of the factors in determining the ranking of apps. A high Open Rate indicates that the app is accepted by users and has high user satisfaction, which may improve the ranking of the app in search results.3. Relationship with Retention RateOpen Rate is closely related to the retention rate (the proportion of users who continue to use the app). Apps with a high retention rate generally have a high Open Rate, which means that the app is providing value to users over the long term.

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