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Organic Growth


"Organic Growth" refers to the process of an app increasing its user base in a natural way, without relying on paid advertisements or marketing campaigns.

1. Cost EfficiencyOrganic growth, which does not rely on paid advertising, reduces the Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and enhances long-term ROI.2. Quality of UsersUsers acquired organically often bring higher engagement and long-term retention rates because they have genuine interest and needs for the product.3. Trustworthiness and Brand ValueApps that achieve natural growth can impress the market with strong brand value and trustworthiness. This is essential for long-term success and building brand loyalty.4. SustainabilityEven after the end of an advertising campaign, the increase in the user base due to organic growth continues. This contributes to the sustainability of the business.5. App Store RankingsOrganic growth has the potential to improve app store rankings, which could generate further organic traffic.6. Market InsightsBy analyzing the data of users acquired organically, you can gain insights into market needs and trends. This is beneficial for both product development and marketing strategies.7. Optimization of Marketing ResourcesThe stable user base obtained through organic growth allows you to focus your marketing resources on more effective campaigns.

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