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Organic User


"Organic User" refers to users who find and install apps not through paid advertisements or marketing campaigns, but through natural search results, word of mouth, or exploration within the app store. The presence of organic users is extremely important for the healthy growth and sustainable success of an app.

1. Cost EfficiencyOrganic users can be acquired without the need for advertising costs, reducing the User Acquisition Cost (UAC) of the app, and achieving cost-effective growth.2. High User EngagementOrganic users tend to show higher engagement and a longer lifecycle because they already have an interest in the app. This contributes to generating high revenue while keeping the maintenance cost of the app low.3. Indicator of App Quality and PopularityThe number of organic installs reflects the quality and popularity of the app in the market. Apps that have acquired many organic users are considered to be of high quality and have a high potential to spread through word of mouth.4. Sustainable GrowthOrganic users contribute to long-term growth and revenue stability because they continue to use the app even after advertisements and promotions have ended.5. Importance of App Store Optimization (ASO)Acquiring organic users is an important indicator of the effectiveness of App Store Optimization (ASO). By enhancing the visibility of the app through ASO, you can acquire more organic users.6. Competitiveness in the MarketApps that have many organic users are considered to have high competitiveness in the market. This means that the app has the appeal to be chosen by users even without advertising.7. Complementing Marketing EffectsOrganic users, in conjunction with paid marketing efforts, help grow the total user base of the app. The balance between organic and paid marketing is essential for building a sound business model.Organic users play a role in the healthy growth of the app, user engagement, indicators of quality and popularity, sustainability, success of ASO, competitiveness in the market, and as a complement to marketing strategies. Therefore, acquiring organic users is crucial.

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