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Overall Ranking


"Overall Ranking" is an indicator that shows the positioning of an app within the app store. This shows how popular an app is and how much it stands out, directly affecting the possibility of users discovering and downloading the app.

1. Visibility and DiscoverabilityA high overall ranking increases the visibility of the app, making it easier for users to find the app when browsing the app store. This directly leads to the acquisition of new users.2. Improved User TrustWhen an app is ranked high, its credibility for users improves. Many users tend to perceive apps with high rankings as high quality.3. Marketing EffectivenessThe overall ranking reflects the results of marketing activities. An increase in ranking is evidence that advertising campaigns and ASO (App Store Optimization) efforts are yielding results.4. Indicator of CompetitivenessThrough the overall ranking, you can evaluate the competitiveness of the app in its category and the entire market. Rankings are also used for comparison with other companies in the same industry.

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