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Relevance Score


"Return On Advertising Spend" (ROAS) is a metric that indicates the ratio of revenue to advertising expenditure. Specifically, it is calculated by dividing the revenue generated by advertising by the cost spent on advertising. This indicator is used to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize the allocation of marketing budgets.

1. Frequency of Ad DisplayAds with a high Relevance Score tend to appear more frequently in search results. This means that they have more exposure in search results, which could potentially lead to an increase in the number of installs.2. Cost Efficiency of CampaignsAds with high relevance may have a higher click-through rate (CTR), which improves cost performance. The cost per acquisition (CPA) decreases, enabling efficient use of the advertising budget.3. Improvement of User ExperienceA high Relevance Score indicates that the ad matches the content that users want to find. This improves the user experience and enhances the brand's image.4. Impact on Ad RankingIn Apple Search Ads, the ranking of ads is determined based on the bid amount and the Relevance Score. A high Relevance Score increases the likelihood of being displayed higher than other ads, even if the bid amount is the same.5. Maximization of Ad EffectivenessAds with high relevance have a message that resonates more with the target audience. As a result, conversions to actions such as clicks and installs are promoted.6. Keyword OptimizationBy optimizing the keyword selection of ad campaigns and improving the Relevance Score, it becomes possible to approach the target user segment more precisely.

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