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Retention Rates


"Retention Rates" (Retention rate, maintenance rate) refers to the proportion of users who continue to use the app after a certain period of time. This metric is an important indicator of how much interest users continue to have in the app, or how much value they find in it.

1. User Engagement MetricsRetention rate indicates how much users are engaged with the app. A high retention rate means that users find the app valuable and continue to use it.2. Long-term ProfitabilityUsers who continue to use the app often have higher profitability than new users. They have the potential to contribute to long-term revenue through additional purchases within the app or subscription renewals.3. User Satisfaction and Product QualityIf users continuously use the app, it generally indicates high user satisfaction and that the app maintains a certain quality. A low retention rate points out potential problems and suggests the need for improvement.4. Efficiency of Marketing CostsAcquiring new users is costly, but the cost of retaining existing users is relatively low. Therefore, a high retention rate contributes to enhancing the ROI of marketing.5. Utilization of User FeedbackFeedback from users who continuously use the app is very valuable for product improvement. They understand both the strengths and weaknesses of the app well and can provide useful insights.6. Improvement of Predictive AnalysisThe retention rate provides data to predict how long specific user segments will use the app. This helps to make future revenue forecasts and business plans more accurate.

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