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Feedback and opinions written by users about the app. Reviews, like ratings, play a role in showing the quality of the app and user satisfaction to other users, and can affect the number of app downloads and its popularity.

1. Building Trust and CredibilityPositive reviews demonstrate to new users that the app is trustworthy and guarantees high quality. This can lower the psychological barrier for new users when downloading the app.2. Impact on App Store RankingsIn the App Store, reviews are one of the factors that influence the ranking of an app. Apps that receive many positive reviews can improve their display order in search results and within categories, gaining more exposure.3. Collection of User FeedbackReviews provide direct feedback from users. This information can be used for bug fixes, feature improvements, and enhancing the user experience of the app.4. Improvement of Conversion RatesGood reviews are a sign of trust for potential users, making it easier for them to download or purchase the app. In other words, reviews have the effect of increasing conversion rates.5. User Retention and EngagementBy making users feel that their opinions are being heard through reviews, you can increase user loyalty and promote long-term engagement.6. Marketing and PR MaterialsPositive reviews can be used as marketing materials. The voices of actual users carry persuasive power in promotional and PR activities.

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