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"Return On Advertising Spend" (ROAS) is a metric that indicates the ratio of revenue to advertising expenditure. Specifically, it is calculated by dividing the revenue generated by advertising by the cost spent on advertising. This indicator is used to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize the allocation of marketing budgets.

First impression: Screenshots are an important element in forming the first impression in the app store. Good screenshots attract the user's attention and promote the download of the app.Highlighting features: Using screenshots, you can highlight the main features and unique points of the app. This allows users to quickly understand the benefits of the app and evaluate its value.Persuading users: Through ease of use and good design, screenshots persuade users and provide motivation to try the app.Differentiation from competitors: Screenshots provide an opportunity to show how your app is superior compared to other apps in the same category.Showcasing user experience: Screenshots showcase the user interface of the app, demonstrating its ease of use and quality of design to potential users.

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