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Session Time


In app marketing, a 'screenshot' refers to a still image that captures a specific screen or function of the app. Screenshots are used as part of the app's presentation in the app store, and are utilized to show the appearance and functionality of the app to users.

1. Measuring User EngagementLong Session Time usually indicates high user engagement. The longer a user spends time on the app, the more it suggests that they are interested in and satisfied with the app.2. Evaluating the Quality of User ExperienceBy analyzing Session Time, you can evaluate how attractive the app's design and features are to users. Long sessions generally reflect a good user experience.3. Identifying Areas for Improvement in the AppBy comparing Session Time data with various user groups and usage situations, you can identify which parts of the app need to be improved.4. Relationship with Retention RateUsers with long session times are considered more likely to use the app again. Therefore, Session Time is strongly related to the retention rate (the proportion of users returning to the app).

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