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Targeted Ads


"Return On Advertising Spend" (ROAS) is a metric that indicates the ratio of revenue to advertising expenditure. Specifically, it is calculated by dividing the revenue generated by advertising by the cost spent on advertising. This indicator is used to evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and optimize the allocation of marketing budgets.

1. Efficient utilization of resourcesBy focusing your advertising budget on audiences who are more likely to be interested, you can reduce wasteful advertising and increase the efficiency of your marketing.2. Improvement of conversion rateWith targeted advertising, you can approach relevant users, which can help improve the conversion rate (the probability of visitors taking the desired action).3. Improvement of user experienceBy displaying relevant ads to users, you can enhance their online experience. This helps reduce their dislike of ads and build a positive impression of your brand.4. Improvement of brand awarenessAccurately targeted ads are an effective way to get your brand recognized by relevant audiences. This contributes to the building of long-term brand loyalty.5. Market and customer insightsBy analyzing the data from your targeted advertising campaigns, you can gain valuable insights into market trends, customer preferences, and behavior patterns.6. Competitive advantageTargeted advertising can help you effectively approach your audience, giving you a competitive edge in the market over your competitors.

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