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User Acquisition(UA)


User Acquisition (UA) refers to the process or activities of acquiring new users. It is common for businesses and app developers to use both paid advertisements (Paid Ads) and organic methods to attract new customers or users to their products or services.

UA Using Paid AdsUA through Paid Ads is a quick and effective way to reach your target audience directly. You can use ad campaigns to approach specific user groups and encourage actions such as website visits, app downloads, and product purchases.Benefits: Paid ads can achieve large-scale user acquisition in a short period of time, making them particularly effective when launching new apps or products. In addition, they allow for precise marketing by narrowing down the target, and it is easy to measure the ROI (Return on Investment).UA Using Organic MeansUA through Organic means is carried out through methods such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), word of mouth, sharing on social media, and App Store Optimization (ASO). This is a process where users spontaneously take an interest in products or services and get involved in a natural flow.Benefits: Acquisition through Organic means tends to be cost-effective in the long term and tends to have high user engagement and brand loyalty. Also, compared to paid ads, it is sustainable and often keeps the User Acquisition Cost (CAC) low.Overall Significance of UAUser Acquisition is the engine of business growth, achieving increased revenue, expanded market share, and improved brand recognition through the acquisition of new customers. By combining the strategies of Paid Ads and Organic, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of UA. Paid Ads provide a short-term boost, while Organic supports long-term growth and stability.

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