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Value of Impression Per Install Rate(VIPR)


The definition is the same as CTVR. Value of Impression Per Install Rate (VIPR) is a metric used to measure the value of each impression (the number of times an advertisement is displayed) for a specific advertising campaign. This is used to evaluate the influence and efficiency of advertisements by understanding the average number of impressions needed to reach an install. It is pronounced 'viper'.

Evaluation of Advertising Effectiveness:VIPR measures how effectively an advertisement attracts the attention of the target audience and leads to app installs. A high VIPR indicates that many installs have been achieved with fewer impressions, and vice versa.Budget Efficiency:By analyzing the VIPR of an advertising campaign, you can determine which advertisements are the most cost-effective and allocate your marketing budget more effectively.Business Intelligence:VIPR provides insights into how much specific advertising content and target audiences are promoting installs, which can be useful for strategic decision-making.Performance Benchmarking:By comparing VIPR with competitors and industry averages, it can be used as a benchmark to evaluate how effective your marketing strategy is.Campaign Optimization:By regularly monitoring VIPR, it is possible to optimize the creative and targeting strategies of advertisements and make adjustments to improve performance.Improvement of ROI:By using VIPR to identify the most effective advertisements and concentrating the budget there, you can improve the overall ROI of your marketing investment.

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