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"Visibility" refers to how easy it is to find an app in the app store. How well an app is seen by users, and how it is displayed in search results, greatly affects the number of downloads and the success of that app.

"Improvement in Search Ranking:Having high visibility in the app store means that you can improve the ranking of your app in search results and expose your app to more potential users.Increase in Download Numbers:The higher your app appears in search results, the more likely users are to find and download your app. This directly leads to an increase in download numbers.Improvement in Brand Recognition:If your app is in a visible position, even if it is not immediately downloaded, the brand or app name is more likely to be remembered by users. This contributes to long-term improvement in brand recognition.Competitive Advantage:High visibility means differentiation from competitors, increasing the likelihood that users will choose your app over competing apps.Keyword Optimization:By having an appropriate keyword strategy, you can increase visibility, which means that your app will be associated with the search terms that users actually use."

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