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ARPPU stands for "average revenue per paying user", and is a particularly important business indicator for mobile apps and online services. This indicator shows how much revenue an app or service is generating from its paying users, and is useful for evaluating profitability and monetization strategies.

Why is this important?

Evaluation of Monetization Efficiency

Tracking ARPPU allows businesses to understand how efficiently they are generating revenue. A high ARPPU indicates that users are spending more money within the app or service, implying that the monetization strategy is effective.

Optimization of Pricing Strategy

By analyzing ARPPU data, it is possible to adjust pricing and promotional strategies to maximize revenue. For instance, if ARPPU is low, you might consider revising prices or offering more attractive premium options.

User Segmentation

ARPPU is a crucial metric for identifying revenue-generating user segments and focusing on those segments. This allows for more effective allocation of marketing and product development resources.

Comparison with User Acquisition Cost

Comparing ARPPU with the User Acquisition Cost (CAC) allows for an evaluation of whether the business is sustainable and profitable. If ARPPU exceeds CAC, the business can be considered healthy.

Revenue Forecasting and Planning

Using ARPPU data, future revenue can be predicted, and business growth and scaling can be planned. This enables more strategic decision-making and effective resource allocation.

Improvement of User Experience

One way to improve ARPPU is to enhance the user experience, encouraging users to spend more time and money within the app or service. This also improves customer satisfaction and builds long-term customer loyalty. In other words, there are cases where it is not necessarily better for the user to be cheaper.

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