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First Why Apps Love Liberteenz, The Creators of V.O.X

Consistently Delivering Results

V.O.X's marketing techniques are backed by the Liberteenz marketing approach and many years of experience. By continously implementing countless PDCA cycles for all things app marketing, we have been able to deliver sustainable long-term success to numerous clients for over 15 years.

With app developing and marketing experience, we are confident in our ability to comprehend complex marketing issues and app trends to achieve the results our clients truly want.

+ 500 M

Organic installs (Accumulative)

+ 15 Years

Years in App Industry

+ 150 Apps

Ranking first for non-brand keywords

+ 35%

Average increase in conversion rate

+ 1,000 Analyses

App Store analysis performed every month

+ 65%

Leveraged increase in ad spend effectiveness

How We Help You Maximize App Awareness

Introducing: V.O.X

Leverage assets to desired outcome

A unique aspect of the Liberteenz “app marketing strategy” is leverage marketing. The core principle is to maximize full utility of available resources despite limitability. By leaving behind the conventional “1-to-1” marketing mindset and focusing on a “1-to-N”, V.O.X will position itself to obtain maximum app awareness.

To achieve this, V.O.X takes advantage of the unique relationship between Apple Search Ads (ASA) and App Store Optimization (ASA) to facilitate effecient user acquisition.

ASA (Paid UA)

Generate long-term app success

V.O.X requires data in order to generate solutions for maximized traffic. In order to give V.O.X the most accurate and reliable data, we believe that all app campaigns should start with Apple Search Ads (ASA). Once ASA begins running, V.O.X will begin to calculate smart automatic bidding while gathering user and market trends.

Simultaneously performing App Store Optimization along with ASA can increase app relevancy to focus keywords (high volume). This allows V.O.X to potentially reduce keyword bids while maintaining install and impression goals.

ASO (Organic UA)

Target users who specifically wanted you

App Store Optimization (ASO) is a indispensable part of V.O.X. Through keyword precise ASO, V.O.X is able to maximize ad spend on Apple Search Ads (ASA) while fully utilizing user data to better target potential users.

User data gathered from ASA, allows marketers to understand where their target users are, and how they are searching for the app that solves their issue. When ASO is properly positioned for specific high-volume focus keywords, then target high-quality users will be more likely to download that app.

Creatives (CR)

Adapt your app to the ecosystem

Creatives play a crucial role in measuring conversion rate. It is through app icons, screenshots, and in-app videos that an app can truly show off what it can do for the user. Further optimizing creatives by tailoring them to specific categories of users based on needs, current trends, and quality content further increases the effectiveness of Apple Search Ads (ASA) and App Store Optimization (ASO).

With V.O.X, you can run multiple A/B experiments to see how well they will actually perform in real time. Additionally, you can measure how likely each ad impression will lead to an install and how well competing apps are performing as well.

Ad Distribution

Capture more traffic with data-inspired product pages

Creating data-inspried product pages showcases your app in the best light possible. No matter the ad channel, if a product page is optimized through V.O.X then you can fully maximize every interaction with users through mobile advertisements.

Especially for iOS, Apple Search Ads (ASA) is the only advertising channel that can accurately capture user metrics after the removal of IDFA. Priority and proper allocation of ad spend should be put towards ASA. This will allow you to protect and optimize your app's paid and organic UA long term.

But Wait, What is an App Marketing Strategy?

What is the goal of app marketing?

The goal is to utilize user data to create brand unique app awareness. Generating user recognition of an app leads to more installs and increased possibility of succussful user interactions.

How does strategy tie into app marketing?

Strategy is normally defined as a means or method of achieving a common goal. We define strategy as the path that leads to true desired outcome.

So an app marketing strategy is...

At Liberteenz, app marketing strategy is creating the path that leads to maximized app awareness. This methodolgy allows for us to multiply opportunities to highlight how great an app is to users.

Unlock your app's success story.

Experience the future of app marketing with V.O.X—where visibility meets opportunity.