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What makes organic users so valuable?

Organic users are a goldmine for app marketers due to their high intent and engagement, cost-effectiveness, and the trust they imbue in your app, which often results in better retention and a higher lifetime value. These users, acquired through non-paid channels like search or word-of-mouth, not only keep acquisition costs low but also contribute to sustainable growth. They tend to provide valuable feedback and can act as brand ambassadors, propelling the app forward to increasing app store metrics and building a strong, recognizable brand over time.

How can I obtain more of these users?

Acquiring organic users can be best down through optimizing your app's presence. This can be done through implementing ASO, creating quality content, engaging on social media, and nurturing your app community for word-of-mouth referrals. Analyze user data and encourage users to provide feedback on your app to further refine your organic growth strategies.

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