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What is the value in implementing ASO?

Value of the organic user

Organic users refer to those who download without being influenced by advertisements or promotions. These users tend to have high latent interest in a app's capabilities, potentially leading to increased engagement and unconscious inclination to continue using the app. Moreover, acquiring organic users doesn't incur direct advertising costs, further enhancing app profitability.

With competition in the app space intensifying day by day, prioritizing organic growth will become ever more important for app longevity. Increasing organic users can be seen as the most cost-effective and sustainable growth strategy when viewed from a long-term perspective.

ASO Blueprint

  • Title
  • Subtitle
  • Description
  • Creatives
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Custom Product Pages
Liberteenz also consider...
  • MAU & DAU
  • Number of installs
  • Total number of downloads
  • Open Rate
  • Session Time
  • Gross Sessions
  • Download Growth Rate

Implementation Results

App Store
  • Improved app visibility
  • Enhanced user engagement
  • Reduced marketing costs
  • Solidified competitive advantage
Marketing Metrics
  • Number of users increase
  • Installs increase
  • Impressions increase
  • Conversion improves
  • Sustainable growth
  • Budget usage optimized

Organic User Value

  • More postitive first impressions
  • Higher Lifetime Value (LTV)
  • Less likely to uninstall app
  • Provide quality feedback
  • Likely to leave a rating or review
  • High virality
  • Tailoring user interactions is difficult
  • Delayed results
  • Requires expertise
  • Constantly evloving store algorithm
  • Unable to collect user trend data

What are the limits of ASO?

Limitation One


Altering ASO text to enhance the conversion rate, aiming for an increase in organic growth, is undeniably crucial. However, these measures alone are not sufficient to maximize organic growth. This conclusion is based on our extensive data collection over many years. In the example below, which is based on actual data, it took a staggering two years to achieve a noticeable improvement in rankings using only the ASO strategies we defined above.

Limitation Two


ASO is a crucial process for enhancing the visibility of an app and increasing its download numbers. However, accurately measuring and visualizing its effects is a substantial challenge. Currently, assessments of ASO’s effectiveness, especially when comparing the periods before and after its implementation, tend to focus solely on improvements in search rankings. However, there are numerous other metrics that should be considered in relation to ASO measures.

We need to visualize and analyze various aspects, such as: to what extent ASO has influenced the number of organic downloads; how much the store’s Conversion Rate (CR) has increased; and the extent to which ASO has impacted Apple Search Ads. It is necessary to delve into these areas to fully grasp the effectiveness of ASO, highlighting another dimension of its limitations.

Maximize organic growth with ASO × ASA

ASA accelerates organic

Boosting the organic process gives the app more opportunities to be prominently displayed at the top of the App Store. Connecting ASA with ASO expedites the delivery of organic results.

Rather than waiting for installs, impressions, clicks, and session data to slowly grow, deploying ASA campaigns can rapidly boost app visibility resulting in increased organic discoverability and mature insights on keywords and user behavior. ASA acts as a catalyst for the organic mix, fostering a prosperity cycle of increased organic visibility and installs.

ASO conserves paid

Optimizing an app's presence on the App Store allows for it to be fully equipped to capture and convert user interest effectively. Pairing ASO with ASA maximizes the paid campigns impact.

Instead of spending marketing funds on driving short-term traffic that may not convert due to a suboptimal app listing, investing into ASO ensures that all traffic generated by paid campaigns is properly funneled to a fully optimized and compelling app page that maximizes conversion. ASO serves as the foundation allowing marketers to fully reap all the gains from paid campaigns without any potential going to waste.

V.O.X does both

Performing ASA and ASO simultaneously is the value that V.O.X brings. Composed of app growth data since the debut of the iPhone, V.O.X cultivates the ideal envirnment for all apps to experience maximized organic growth. Increasing installs, reducing costs, and acquiring high-quality users is what V.O.X was built to do.

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