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Conversion Rate(CR,CR)


The Conversion Rate (コンバージョン率) is a metric that indicates the proportion of visitors who complete a specific target action (such as purchase, sign-up, download, etc.). This metric is widely used to measure the effectiveness of an app and evaluate the efficiency of marketing. In Japan, the conversion rate is often represented as 'CR', while in Western countries, it is mainly expressed as 'CR'.

1. Performance EvaluationThe Conversion Rate is a crucial metric for evaluating the performance of an app. A high conversion rate indicates a high likelihood of visitors completing the target action, while a low conversion rate suggests room for improvement.2. Optimization of ASOBy analyzing the conversion rate, you can improve the performance of App Store Optimization (ASO). An increase in the conversion rate from keywords implies an increase in organic users.3. Evaluation of Marketing ROIThe conversion rate is an important metric for evaluating the Return on Investment (ROI) of marketing. A high conversion rate indicates that marketing activities are effective and supports the appropriate allocation of the marketing budget.4. Increase in RevenueImproving the conversion rate directly leads to an increase in revenue. By increasing the probability of converting visitors into customers, you can generate more revenue from the same amount of traffic.5. Securing Competitive AdvantageBy optimizing the conversion rate, you can differentiate yourself from competitors and secure a competitive advantage in the market.6. Understanding the Target AudienceBy analyzing the data of the conversion rate, you can understand which target audience responds best and adjust your marketing strategy more effectively.

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