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Cost Per Mille(CPM)


Cost Per Mille (CPM) means "cost per 1,000 impressions", and it is an advertising metric that indicates the cost an advertiser pays to display an advertisement 1,000 times. This metric is mainly used in online advertising and advertising networks, and is utilized in campaigns that prioritize ad visibility and brand recognition.

1. Transparency of Advertising CostsCPM makes advertising costs transparent, helping advertisers easily calculate the exposure of their ads and set their budgets.2. Building Brand AwarenessCPM is particularly used in advertising campaigns that prioritize brand awareness. By having the ad displayed to many people, brand recognition can be improved, potentially leading to future purchases.3. Evaluation of Advertising PerformanceBy using CPM, advertisers can compare the performance of different ads and advertising networks, and choose the most cost-effective option.4. Budget ManagementAdvertisers can effectively manage their advertising budget using CPM, and calculate the number of ad impressions needed to achieve specific goals.5. Optimization of TargetingCPM helps evaluate whether the ad is reaching the right audience. Advertisers can analyze CPM and adjust targeting to maximize the effectiveness of the ad.6. Calculation of ROIAdvertisers can use CPM to calculate the return on investment (ROI), and evaluate the overall performance of the advertising campaign.7. Monetization OpportunitiesFor publishers (owners of websites or apps that display ads), CPM provides a way to monetize ad space. By maintaining a high CPM, it is possible to generate more advertising revenue.

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