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Custom Product Page(CPP)


The Custom Product Page (CPP) refers to the feature of creating a customized app product page in the app store, tailored to specific audiences or marketing campaigns. By utilizing this feature, app developers and marketers can provide optimized messaging and visual elements for different target audiences.

1. Optimization for the target audienceUsing CPP allows you to provide content tailored to specific user segments or marketing campaigns. This can attract the interest of the target audience and improve conversion rates. A characteristic of CPP is that it can arbitrarily set targets, such as new users and existing users.2. Implementation of A/B testingBy creating different CPPs and comparing their performance, you can understand which elements are most attractive to users and optimize the product page.3. Measurement of marketing campaign effectivenessBy creating a CPP for a specific marketing campaign, you can accurately measure the effectiveness of the campaign and evaluate ROI.4. Improvement of user experienceBy personalizing the user experience with CPP, you can provide content that matches the interests and needs of users, and improve satisfaction.5. Consistency of branding and messagingBy using CPP to provide consistent messaging and visual elements of the brand, you can strengthen the brand image and build trust with users.6. Securing competitive advantageBy utilizing CPP to provide unique and optimized product pages, you can differentiate from competitors and secure a competitive advantage in the market.

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