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Automatic Creative Generation with AI! The Latest Methods of App Icon Optimization

The app icon serves as the face of an app, impacting user impressions on the home screen and in the app store. An AI tool like Midjourney can aid in creating app icons by generating images based on specified prompts, saving time and effort for app marketers.

Lindsey Cash
Marketing Manager

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The app icon is the first creative a user sees before launching and installing an app. It can be considered as the "face" of the app and is a crucial element that leaves an impression on users.

In this article, we will share a simple method for creating app icons using the trending "AI automatic image generation tool!" If used effectively, it could lead to significant savings of time and effort.

Role of Icons

Icons have the following roles:

  1. Marker on the home screen
  2. Building brand image
  3. Appealing to new users on the app store

Marker on the Home Screen

To use an app, users always tap the app icon on the home screen to launch the app. Therefore, the app icon becomes the most frequently viewed creative. To ensure that users can easily find the app on their home screen, it is essential to set an icon that closely represents the app's image and has high visibility.

Build Brand Image

Since the app icon is viewed frequently by users, it creates the association of "icon = app" in their minds. Therefore, it is crucial to choose an icon that aligns with the app's brand image. Pay attention to each element, such as color, design, and text, and try to construct the icon as close to the brand image as possible.

Appeal to New Users on the App Store

The app icon also plays a crucial role when users download the app. In the store, the creative that users mostly see is the icon, and it significantly influences the first impression. Here, in addition to the brand image, it is preferred to create an icon that intuitively represents the nature of the app and is easy to understand.

As mentioned above, app icons play a very important role in various areas as the face of an app. App developers are expected to put sufficient time and effort into the design of app icons to ensure that they convey the full appeal of the app to users.

And now, from here… we will introduce a revolutionary approach to automatically generate this crucial app icon using AI!

How to Automatically Create Icons with AI

Now, for the moment you’ve been waiting for! Let’s get to the main topic.

Businesses utilizing AI technology have made great strides in the past few months, and  ChatGPT, which most are very familiar with, is leading the way with various AI-powered models incorporated in different fields.

In the last issue, we introduced ASO and Apple Search Ads optimization methods that utilize ChatGPT as a way to utilize AI in app marketing.

Because we are talking about “Icon x AI” we will learn about AI image automatic generation tools and how to use them.

AI image automatic generation tools like Midjourney, stable diffusion, and recently Japanese-supported Image Creator are well-known. However, in this article, we will introduce the process of creating icons using Midjourney!

How to Use Midjourney

Midjourney can generate images from a vast amount of data in response to specified prompts (instructions). If this is utilized properly, app marketers can easily create attractive app icons by simply entering keywords, without having to come up with their own designs!

To use Midjourney, you need to access the Midjourney website and prepare in advance by enabling the use of a community service called "Discord."

Once the preparation is done, it's time to generate the images!

The key point here is how well we are able to generate appropriate prompts.

Let's create a cute Shiba Inu icon as a test!

The minimum keywords required are "Shiba Inu" and "app icon," although the image generation itself is possible with just this, it is far from the quality we are looking for, and we still need more appropriate prompts.

To make it look more like an app icon from here we need:

  • The same shape as the app icon
  • A friendly Shiba Inu design
  • Adjustment of background and image touch

These points seem necessary and with these points added, here is the prompt we came up with!

"squared with round edges mobile app logo design, flat vector app icon of a cute shiba inu face, minimalistic, white background"

And here is the finished product generated from this prompt..!

Shiba Inu icon generated from the above prompt

Ahhh! What a cute Shiba Inu icon! As we would say in Japanese, “Kawaii”!!

As you can see, if you optimize the prompt, you can easily create icons as shown here without any design knowledge or skills.

And if you create another icon based off of another prompt, it will look like this!

“squared with round edges mobile app logo design, flat vector app icon of a rocket, minimalistic, white background”

Rocket icon generated from the above prompt

Once you create a base prompt, you can use it as a template for various shapes. There are plenty of examples of high-quality prompts available online, so when you're unsure, it's a good idea to search the web! As you get more familiar, you'll be able to design icons exactly as you imagine, making it a powerful assistant in app icon creation once you get the hang of it!

However, there are some points to watch out for when creating icons using AI.

Cautions for Using AI Automatic Image Generation Tools

Icons automatically generated based on prompts may end up having similar designs to other competitor apps' icons. Additionally, the automatically generated icons may not accurately represent the app's functions or features. It is important to understand that the icons are automatically generated by AI, and you should always check the icons with your own eyes to ensure that they are suitable for the app's identity.

Also, be aware and mindful of copyright and trademark issues. As mentioned earlier, if the generated icons are similar to the trademarks of other apps or companies, legal issues may arise. Also, if you want to use Midjourney-generated images for commercial purposes, you need to register for Midjourney’s paid plan. Always make sure to thoroughly verify copyright and trademark rights when using such tools.

In Conclusion

By utilizing AI, not only can you optimize the creative aspect of the app icon on the App Store, but you can also efficiently optimize the text elements such as title, subtitle, and keywords as well.

As the AI business is still in its growing stages, using AI does not guarantee the desired quality, but we have finally reached an era where things that were previously created solely by human hands can now be automated with AI.

As an app marketer, it may be necessary to take some time to carefully consider how to effectively leverage AI, whether or not you choose to incorporate it, in order to grow the app.

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