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Five Recommended Examples of Custom Product Pages!

Liberteenz recommends leveraging custom product pages (CPP) in Apple Search Ads (ASA) for improved advertising efficiency and long-term app growth.

Michael Nathan

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Using custom product pages on ASA is recommended!

To start off, if you are not familiar with custom product pages, a simple explanation is that it is an App Store function that allows you to change the product page according to the user's interests.  It is a convenient custom product page that can be used in various media such as ASA and SNS, but Liberteenz recommends "Utilization in ASA (Apple Search Ads)"! This is because, as shown in the figure, there are many advantages unique to ASA. As I will explain later, if you apply a custom product page in ASA, you can see the results for each ad group, so you can also expand to SNS ads etc. if you find it to be effective ! Now, we will introduce recommended usage examples in ASA with many benefits 💡

Importance of custom product pages

I can understand that the delivery efficiency will be improved, but I think there are some people who feel that custom product pages should be done even if it takes more man-hours. You can appeal with the contents of "drama", "music live" and "animation"! Of course, it also has the advantage of improving distribution efficiency because it can display ads that match the user, but it is an effective function even in the long run of app growth, and it is worth trying once 👍✨ From here, I will explain the importance of custom product pages in terms of increasing advertising efficiency and app growth!

  1. Improving Ad Delivery Efficiency

As already introduced, “custom product pages” is a function that allows you to customize the advertisement according to the user, so you can increase the effectiveness of the advertisement! For example, suppose you search for "drama" in the App Store when you want to find an app which streams drama films or apps that are related to the topic. Which app would you choose when you search for "drama"? 

  1. Creatives that appealed to movies and animations in addition to dramas 
  2. Creatives that strongly appealed only to dramas

Most likely, you will want to tap the latter ad 🤔 In this way, you can expect an increase in CTR and CVR by appealing to the interests of users.

2. Leads to long-term app growth!

Another important point is "app growth" 🌱The term “app growth” can appear very general and straight forward, yet onceI explain a little more, it will lead to "expansion of the number of users that leads to app revenue"! ✨ For example, let's say that there is a VOD whose retention rate leads to app revenue, and the retention rate of users who came in from "drama", "anime", and "music live" is high. t this time, if you do not use custom product pages, you can only create one type of default product page, and you have to create a product page that incorporates multiple appealing elements crammed together. Therefore, if you do not use CPP, you will not be able to emphasize each segment and it will be difficult to expand each segment to appeal to more users😞💭.

When using this basic method, you can appeal to "drama," "anime," and "live music," and increase the number of users in each segment! ✨ On the other hand, if you use the custom product page, you can create a product page according to each keyword of "drama", "anime" and "music live"! By doing so, there is a high possibility that the number of inflow users from each segment will increase, which will lead to an increase in the total number of prospective users.

 As a result, it is possible to increase the number of users with high retention rates as well as high-paying users, which are essential for the growth of the app. Using CPP will have a great impact on the growth of the app when used properly! 😊


So far, we've talked about the importance of custom product pages, but where can you customize them in the first place? How do I apply? If you want to know an overview, please refer to the article below 🙋🏻‍♀️

💡 Five Recommended Use Cases of Custom Product Pages💡

 Now, let's actually take a look at an example of an effective custom product page appeal! Here, we will introduce two patterns using ASA's "campaign configuration" and "targeting settings"

Appeal using ASA’s “campaign structure”

First, I will show you how to use a custom product page that utilizes the ASA campaign structure. In this case, it is necessary to configure and deliver the campaign as preparation for the custom product page💡

Get more category campaigns!

ASA recommends creating four campaigns. When applying a custom product page, subdivide the category campaign (or subdivide it by ad group) 🙆‍♀️ For example, for VOD, you can divide the category campaign into "Drama", "Movie", "Live", "Sports", etc. Let's take a look at a custom product page usage example using the campaign structure!

CPP Case 1: Appeal by Keyword

First of all, a custom product page using “appeal by keyword” can be used by every application regardless of the genre! It’s important to change the screenshots and wording according to the keyword to match the prospective users’ interests accordingly. 👍

 If you divide the campaign into several categories and distribute it, you will naturally find a group of keywords with “high CTR” and “high inflow”. Keyword data obtained by distributing ASA in this way will be used for custom product pages! 👍 Going back to our example, creatives that emphasize "drama" will make you want to tap it 🤔✨

 In more general terms, we recommend a custom product page that appeals to each keyword! If you find that "Drama" is particularly effective in each campaign, change the content of the screenshot to match the "Drama" aspects of your application.

CPP helps to increase CTR and CVR!

At our company, we use custom product pages that appeal to each keyword in many apps. For VOD, by changing the text and video to match the keyword, CTR increased by 32% and CVR by 11%! 👏

CPP Case 2: Competitive Appeal

This is an example of using a custom product page that can be used in any app, just like the keyword-based appeal! It is a measure to “harvest” users who download competing apps by analyzing the creative content of highly effective competitors using distribution data from competing campaigns. Let's release the features of many apps according to the competition 👏

Set up your claim as follows:

Let's say a game app has multiple features such as "characters", "story", "strategy", and "fight together". Therefore, we will analyze the elements that competing apps are pushing out, and create a custom product page that extracts only the characteristics of "strategy" and "fight together" according to the competition! A gaming app created the same competitive creative, resulting in a 12% increase in CTR and an 8% increase in CVR! ✨

Appeal using ASA’s “targeting”

From here, we will introduce an example of using a custom product page using ASA targeting settings. The ASA ad group allows for the targeting of: gender, age, region, etc.  These are items that are easy to use on custom product pages. How can each be used? Let's take a look at 🔍

CPP Case Study 3: Appeal by gender

First of all, here is an example of using a custom product page for “gender-specific appeal” using gender targeting! Suitable for apps that can be segmented by gender, such as having a billing option only for men! Example of changing the wording to meet the needs of each gender

Let's take a dating app with a billing option only for men as an example. If only men are charged, create an ad group that distributes to men and insert the phrase "No…"

Increased conversion rate to paying users! 👏

 As a result of distributing custom product pages tailored to gender-specific needs, one app saw a 33% increase in conversions to paying users. Even if you don't have a clear distribution of billing or not, if you know a gender-based trend such as "female billing rate is high", you can use a custom product page that appeals to men and women. 👏

 Recommended genres
  • game apps
  • news apps
  • matching apps
  • VOD
  • etc. on custom product pages for men and women
CPP Case 4: Appeal by Region

Next is a custom product page that uses regional targeting to “appeal by region”! ASA's ad groups allow detailed geo-targeting to cities, towns and villages, which can be used for custom product pages. You will be able to creatively appeal to different coupons for each region! For example, it is effective for apps with different service contents depending on the apps that issue coupons for each region! 🚕 Liberteenz created a custom product page with geo-targeting and saw a 37% increase in CTVR for a specific region! 👏 Recommended genres for custom product pages by region

  • Food delivery apps
  • Taxi apps
  • Weather forecast apps
  • Coupon apps
  • Travel reservation apps
  • etc.
CPP Case 5: Appeal by Age Group

Finally, here is an example of a “age-specific” custom product page using ASA targeting! It is recommended when needs, services, and products you want to use differ depending on your age, such as job change apps and EC apps. Let's change the wording according to the needs of the age 💡 For example, in the case of job change apps, it can be expected that the way companies are selected will change depending on the age group. Even with Liberteenz, when we changed the content of an app to suit the age group, CTVR increased by 22%! 🙆‍♀️

Recommended genres
  • career change apps
  • EC apps
  • news apps
  • coupon apps
  • etc. on custom product pages by age group

💡 Basic strategy: Custom product page screening to analysis💡

Here are some basic strategies for custom product pages! Whether you are using custom product pages for the first time or have never seen results, please refer to it.

1. Make an ASA Delivery and Determine the Target

First of all, it starts with ASA's campaign composition and distribution 🌷 Let's create and distribute a campaign to make use of distribution data from ASA! As mentioned in the case study, ASA recommends dividing the campaign into four campaigns, but when using a custom product page, it is important to determine in advance the segments that are likely to be important factors such as keyword groups, gender, and region. It is recommended to subdivide and create ad groups👍 It is convenient to subdivide campaigns and ad groups since you can apply a custom product page that's perfect for your segment.

2. Create a Creative Promotional Text and Submit it for Review

Create creatives and submit them for review🔍 Once you've decided on your segment, it's time to create your custom product page. You can change not only the creative, but also the promotional text! The review period is usually 24 hours. Details on how to create and apply are provided in the article below, so be sure to check it out!

3. Leverage Custom Product Pages to Deliver

Let's deliver and wait until we get a number that we can analyze. 🔆 If the application is successful, it will finally be delivered! At Liberteenz, we believe that more than 2,000 IMPs are required for each creative in order to produce verifiable figures, and we recommend delivery of about 2 weeks to 1 month. Since it depends on the scale of the app, how long does it take for your app to generate more than 2,000 IMPs? Let's check 🔍

4. Analyze and determine next steps

Analyze the results and decide your next course of action 🚩 The most important step is analyzing and improving the customer product page. Don't just read the results, let's decide what to do moving forward!

 If the results are better than the default:

  • Create a custom product page in the same way for another keyword
  • Use the custom product page on other media such as SNS (details below)
  • You can go even further by delivering custom product pages in different ways!

If the results are worse than the default:

  • Did the segment and the content of the appeal not match?
  • Were there few changes from the default?
  • Were there any external factors affecting results?

Think about it, come up with a new hypothesis, and test it again.

Custom product pages are executed based on hypotheses such as "Is this appeal suitable for this segment?" 👍 Custom product pages can also be used on social media!☝🏻✨ If you created multiple custom product pages for each keyword, expand the custom product page for the keyword that performed best🤩

 💡 Surprising uses for custom product pages💡

Finally, I'll show you a surprisingly little-known, but very important way to use custom product pages! You can use it as a substitute for A/B testing! 👏 "Product Page Optimization (A/B test)" was released in iOS15 and has the following differences from the custom product page. A/B testing has an organic impact too! As you can see, A/B testing also affects organics, so if the test pattern is not effective, it can have a big negative impact on delivery efficiency😥💦

Therefore, we recommend that you use the custom product page, which allows you to issue test patterns for each ad group, as a "risk avoidance"! It is a feature of the custom product page that you can see detailed indicators. In addition, the ability to analyze the results in detail is another advantage of using custom product pages. By linking the custom product page with App Store Connect and SDK, you can check in-app actions after installation.

By using custom product pages, you can find really good appeals that go beyond immediate efficiency, such as app profitability and retention rates! ✨✨

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