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Practice ASO (App Store Optimization) with ChatGPT!

The article introduces the symbiotic relationship between ASO and Apple Search Ads, highlighting the impact of ChatGPT in streamlining app marketing efforts.

Lindsey Cash
Marketing Manager

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What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is a language-processing AI developed by OpenAI. ChatGPT is used by many companies and developers for text generation, sentence summarization, automatic responses, etc. because of its natural human-like language processing.

Features and advantages of ChatGPT include the following:

  1. Natural language processing allows for human-like responses.
  2. A large amount of data can be processed, so patterns can be automatically extracted from a large number of documents.
  3. It can maintain a certain level of accuracy because it learns from a large amount of data.
  4. Because it is an open-source library, it can be used freely.

ChatGPT is expected to play an active role in a variety of fields, but guess what?!  It can also be used for ASO (app store optimization)!

*This article mentions improving the text aspect/review of ASO.

What are the advantages of using it for ASO?

The biggest benefit of utilizing ChatGPT for ASO is that ChatGPT offers a valuable opportunity to cut down on manpower when handling ASO responsibilities. This is because one of the barriers to ASO is that it is  highly specialized and time-consuming. By utilizing ChatGPT, which can be used by anyone and can efficiently execute various tasks, the PDCA cycle of ASO can be efficiently executed!

The most important point of ASO: PDCA

Furthermore, the most important point in working on ASO is the concept of "PDCA”. Some people think that once ASO measures are taken, that is the end of it! But that is not the essence of ASO.

ASO can be applied to the PDCA cycle as follows:

  • Plan: Select keywords for which you want to increase rankings.
  • Do: Implement measures to increase rankings.
  • Check: Review the measures taken
  • Action: Determine the next action

 = Areas where ChatGPT can be utilized

In the next section, we will tell you how to make specific use of ChatGPT!

Using ChatGPT to select ASO keywords and generate sentences

With ChatGPT, you can use natural language processing technology to identify keywords related to the theme and purpose of your application. Unlike ordinary keyword research tools, ChatGPT performs contextual inference, allowing you to discover more relevant keywords.

The procedure for researching ASO keywords using ChatGPT is as follows:

1. Generate keywords using ChatGPT ☆: Using ChatGPT, enter text data such as app title, description, and reviews, and extract keyword candidates related to the app.

2. Analysis and selection of keywords: The generated keywords are analyzed, and more appropriate keywords are selected. Keyword selection criteria should include search volume, competition, and conversion rate.

3. Use ChatGPT to create a title and description draft that includes the selected keywords ☆: However, forcing the text to emphasize the keywords would violate the store's policy, so it may be necessary to make minor modifications by hand so that the text is expressed in natural language.

With the above process, the Plan and Do portions of the ASO have been completed! With just this, the two steps of ASO measures that we had been struggling with are now complete... AI is truly a force to be reckoned with!

Using ChatGPT to improve app evaluations

You can also use ChatGPT to improve the efficiency of your app's evaluation.

Up until now:

  • Analyzing a huge number of user reviews/feedback
  • Finding problems from the above data and thinking about how to fix them

This has been a source of concern for app developers. By making full use of ChatGPT’s natural language processing technology, it is possible to greatly reduce the amount of time spent trying to solve those concerns.

The specific steps to improve app evaluations using ChatGPT are as follows:

1. Review analysis using ChatGPT : Automatically analyze app reviews and feedback using ChatGPT. This analysis can use natural language processing techniques such as sentiment analysis and topic modeling.

2. Identification of problems and areas for improvement ☆: Data generated by ChatGPT is analyzed to discover problems and areas for improvement in the app. Reports of problems and areas for improvement from users through channels such as customer support are also collected and analyzed by ChatGPT.

3. Response to problems and areas for improvement: Respond to problems and areas for improvement that have been discovered. App improvements include UI/UX improvements, feature additions, bug fixes, and responses to store reviews.

4. Continuous app improvements and analysis of user feedback ☆: App improvements are not completed with a single update. It is important to continuously analyze user feedback and improve the app to provide a better user experience.

As described above, app developers can focus on developing better features by using ChatGPT to more accurately understand user feedback and improve their apps!


In this article, we have explained how to use ChatGPT for ASO (app store optimization). ChatGPT can further accelerate the growth of an app by eliminating unproductive work hours and reallocating human resources to more strategic areas. However, we must not forget that there are still many areas that require human intervention, and the shortcut to application improvement is to clearly distinguish between areas that can be left to AI and those that cannot and focus on each area of responsibility. We also offer a technology-based advertising management system. If you are at all interested, we would be happy if you would take a look at your app! Learn more at https://www.v-o-x.io/ or DM us today.

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