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V.O.X Difference - ASO Best Practices

Liberteenz introduces V.O.X, a revolutionary app marketing strategy transcending App Store Optimization (ASO) limits.

Takehiro Yamaguchi

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The key difference of V.O.X lies in "maximizing organic growth beyond the limits of App Store Optimization (ASO)." We believe that the ultimate goal for every app business is to increase its organic users. This is because, in many cases, an app business cannot thrive without organic users. V.O.X maximizes organic users by leveraging paid advertisements to their fullest potential.

Maximizing Organic Download Growth

Desired Outcome for App Businesses is Maximizing Organic Download Growth. Organic users refer to those who download or use an app spontaneously, without being influenced by advertisements or promotions. Such users tend to have a high interest in the app, leading to higher engagement and a tendency to continue using the app in the long term. Moreover, acquiring organic users doesn't incur direct advertising costs, which can enhance the profitability of the business. With the competition in the app market intensifying day by day, maximizing organic growth becomes the key to success for app businesses. Increasing organic users can be seen as the most cost-effective and sustainable growth strategy when viewed from a long-term perspective.

When We Talk About Organic Growth, We Mean ASO

App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process designed to enhance the visibility of an app within the app store. One of its goals is to ensure that the app achieves higher visibility in app store search results and related categories, ultimately leading to a better conversion rate. Achieving a higher rank in search results is also a crucial element of this. In addition to the typical metrics of ASO measures like app text and product page optimization, we have incorporated in-app factors into our ASO definition and have repeatedly gone through rigorous PDCA cycles. What we realized through this is that there's a limit to what can be achieved with ASO measures alone.

The Limits of ASO

We perceive the limits of App Store Optimization (ASO) as being twofold: “the limit of organic growth” and “the limit of measuring effectiveness.”

Limitations of ASO 1: The Limit of Organic Growth

Altering the ASO text to enhance the conversion rate, aiming for an increase in organic growth, is undeniably crucial. However, these measures alone are not sufficient to maximize organic growth. This conclusion is based on our extensive data collection over many years. In the example below, which is based on actual data, it took a staggering two years to achieve a noticeable improvement in rankings using only the ASO strategies we defined above.

Limitations of ASO 2 – The Limits of Measuring Effectiveness

ASO is a crucial process for enhancing the visibility of an app and increasing its download numbers. However, accurately measuring and visualizing its effects is a substantial challenge. Currently, assessments of ASO’s effectiveness, especially when comparing the periods before and after its implementation, tend to focus solely on improvements in search rankings. However, there are numerous other metrics that should be considered in relation to ASO measures. For instance, while search rankings are a primary indicator, they alone are not sufficient.

We need to visualize and analyze various aspects, such as: to what extent ASO has influenced the number of organic downloads; how much the store’s Conversion Rate (CR) has increased; and the extent to which ASO has impacted Apple Search Ads. It is necessary to delve into these areas to fully grasp the effectiveness of ASO, highlighting another dimension of its limitations.

Maximizing Organic Growth with ASO × ASA

So, how can we break through the limitations of ASO while maximizing organic growth? One answer we've found, drawn from our extensive experience, is to leverage Apple Search Ads to acquire organic downloads. V.O.X has successfully managed to streamline and visualize the entire process, which we will introduce in detail below. But what does it mean to combine ASO and ASA for maximizing organic growth? The comprehensive picture of this approach is outlined in the following sections.

The Impact of ASA on ASO

Keyword Data: By actively running campaigns on Apple Search Ads (ASA), we can acquire keyword data that seems to be highly effective. Utilizing this keyword data in ASO and creative efforts enables us to implement more advanced ASO strategies.

Keyword-Specific CR Improvement (A/B Testing): Using ASA allows us to change screenshots on a keyword-by-keyword basis, facilitating an increase in Conversion Rate (CR) and the ability to perform A/B testing. This helps in creating an optimal product page.

Application to Google Play: By crafting an optimal product page and applying it to Google Play, we can impact ASO not just on the App Store but also on Google Play. Running campaigns on ASA makes it apparent that we are influencing search rankings.

Keyword Ranking Improvement: The chart below measures the rise in keyword rankings that occurred during the delivery of Apple Search Ads (ASA).

The Impact of ASO on ASA

Improvement in Rankings: We track the app’s ranking for various keywords, visualizing how it changes before and after the implementation of ASO measures. This helps to identify which keywords are effective and which ones have room for improvement.

Increase in Conversion Rate: Our definition of ASO should also encompass the increase in conversion rate achieved through changes to the app’s icon, screenshots, and Custom Product Page (CPP). Moreover, these changes should be subjects of effectiveness measurement.

Contribution to Download Numbers: It is necessary to analyze whether ASO initiatives are directly contributing to an increase in download numbers. This analysis will verify the actual results that ASO activities are bringing about.

Impact on Apple Search Ads: Improving ASO text can impact the Cost Per Install (CPI) of Apple Search Ads, a paid advertising service. The extent of this impact should also be considered when evaluating the effectiveness of ASO.

The Value Provided by V.O.X

The text above visualizes the value that V.O.X brings. It enhances installs, reduces costs, and most importantly, saves time. We have been focusing on ASO since the year the iPhone was created, repeatedly conducting a plethora of experiments. We have condensed this know-how to create the software V.O.X. Our aim in doing this is to realize our vision of "Democratizing App Growth Expertise," providing access to the necessary know-how for growth.

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