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What Is ASO? A Beginners Guide To App Store Marketing

ASO experts provide insights for newcomers in iOS App Store marketing. To use App Store Optimization (ASO), you can follow these general steps.

Lindsey Cash
Marketing Manager

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New to iOS App Store marketing? No worries. We're Liberteenz, experts at ASO, and we'll answer some key questions we get asked when introducing a new marketer or app developer to the basics.

What Is ASO?

ASO stands for "App Store Optimization." It is the process of optimizing mobile apps to rank higher in an app store's search results. The higher a mobile app ranks in an app store's search results, the more likely it is to be downloaded by users. ASO can include optimizing an app's title, description, keywords, screenshots, and reviews to improve its visibility and search ranking in an app store.

How Do I Use ASO?

To use App Store Optimization (ASO), you can follow these general steps:

Research: Understand your target audience and what keywords they are using to find apps similar to yours. Use tools like V.O.X to research keywords and analyze your competitors.

Optimize your app title and description: Use relevant keywords in your app title and description, but make sure they are also compelling and accurately describe your app.

Use keywords in your app's metadata: Choose your app's title, subtitle, keywords field, and developer name wisely.

Create screenshots and videos: Create marketing content for the App Store that showcases your app's features and benefits.

Get reviews and ratings: Encourage users to leave reviews and ratings for your app. Positive reviews and high ratings can improve your app's visibility and search ranking.

Monitor your progress: Use tools like V.O.X to track your app's performance and make adjustments as needed. Keep an eye on your app's ranking for specific keywords, and monitor your downloads, reviews, and ratings over time.

Use App Search Ads: Advertise your app to drive more downloads.

Note that ASO is an ongoing process and it's important to keep monitoring and making adjustments as per the results and trends. Our product, V.O.X, automates your ASO, making analysis and key word implementation simple and quick.

Where Is ASO Used?

The two main app stores that ASO is typically used for are the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store. Apple App Store is for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, and Google Play Store is for Android devices. ASO techniques can be used to optimize apps for both of these app stores, as well as other app stores such as the Microsoft Store for Windows devices, and Amazon Appstore for Android devices.

It's important to note that while the process is similar, ASO techniques may need to be slightly adapted for each app store due to the different algorithms and ranking factors used by each store.

How Do I Optimize An App For Apple App Store?

To optimize an app for the Apple App Store, you can use the following ASO techniques:

  • App name: Use a compelling and descriptive app name that includes relevant keywords
  • Subtitle: Use a subtitle to further describe your app and include additional keywords
  • App icon: Create an eye-catching and memorable app icon that represents your app
  • Screenshots and videos: Use screenshots and videos to showcase your app's features and benefits
  • App description: Use a well-written and keyword-rich app description that accurately describes your app
  • Optimize for the latest iOS version: Optimize your app for the latest version of iOS
  • App bundles: Bundle your apps together to increase visibility and downloads

It's important to keep in mind that the Apple App Store algorithm changes frequently and it's important to keep monitoring your app's performance and make adjustments as needed. Through V.O.X, the service will adapt suggestions based on the changes in algorithm which means less work for you!

Well Then What's V.O.X And How Can It Help My App?

Tired of spending countless hours looking through data sets and thousands of rows of information? Our AI accomplishes this analysis in a matter of seconds. Just input the parameters you are wanting to check and let the AI do the heavy lifting to bring your marketing team to the top.

V.O.X is able to perform any kind of data analysis to fit the marketers ASO strategies. Since the AI takes care of all the mundane, time-consuming tasks, this leaves the team with more time to focus on the creative end where the AI lacks. Using this unique combination, marketers everywhere can steadily improve their ROI and focus more on KPIs. While the AI may be powered by thousands of datasets and trend analysis's, human tuition is sometimes the final push needed to achieve breakthrough results. That's why our platform gives access to make key changes to AI produced solutions in order to further a team's strategy to success.

In mobile marketing, it's very difficult to have your app stand out in a sea of competition. That's why we programmed our AI to track other app's ASA strategies, keyword selection, and average ad spend so that you're able to jump ahead of the competition and stay there.

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