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Worried About How to Use ASO? Review This Applied Example!

The article provides a practical guide on App Store Optimization (ASO) using a fictional sleep tracking app, "Oliber," as an example.

Lindsey Cash
Marketing Manager

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Do you have any problems with ASO techniques?"

There's not much inflow from organic downloads..." "I'm running ads, but CPI and CPA are high. I wish they were a little cheaper..."

Do you know that "ASO" will solve all of this?

You who muttered in your mind just now, "Oh, is that so? Really?" If you read this article, your understanding of "ASO" will deepen and you may be able to solve the problems you have now! In this article, we will explain “ASO”, which has been said to be the most important part of app marketing. This time it will be [Applied Edition], so I would like to deliver it with concrete examples mixed in with the contents approaching the core!

 1. Purpose of ASO (Review)


First of all, I would like to review "ASO" quickly! This time it is ASO [Applied version], so if you want to reconfirm the basics [Beginner], please see this article.

Now it’s time for a review!

  • ASO is an abbreviation of "App Store Optimization”
  • In simpler terms, it is an image of the app store version of SEO!
  • The purpose of ASO is to maximize the number of installs!
  • In order to maximize the number of installs... it is necessary to maximize the number of impressions, increase CR.

 That's it for the warm-up. Let's move on to the main subject!


2. Let's try it!

This time, in order to tell you what specific measures to take for each item in an easy-to-understand manner, we will decide the apps that will be at the core! The name of the app is "Oliber” (a fictitious app with a slightly modified version of our company's name Liberteenz)"

Below is an overview!

  • App name: Oliber App
  • Overview: Sleep tracking app 
  • OS: iOS
  • Title: OLIBER
  • Subtitle: You can record your own sleep and snoring, don’t you know already?



By the way, the reason why I set this kind of app up is because I recently installed a sleep talking recording app, and when I recorded the sound while sleeping, the snoring and sleep talking were shocking. Then, I will tell you how to actually take measures for ASO with this app along each item!


Improved text

1. Selection of keywords

First of all, the most important thing as a preliminary preparation before taking measures is the selection of keywords. If you can select the best keywords and increase your ranking, you can maximize the number of installs, but if you select ineffective keywords, you cannot expect an increase in the number of installs even if your ranking increases.

 What is important in choosing:

  • Is the keyword highly relevant?
  • How often is the keyword searched?

 It is necessary to consider whether the number of installs can be expected to increase by taking countermeasures against the keyword. Therefore, first of all, considering relevance.

  • “Snoring” and “sleep talking” → Keywords that describe the app
  • “Sleep” and “Lack of sleep” → Keywords related to snoring and sleep talking

 Regarding search volume, it is useful to use tools to research the actual number of searches, but as an easy way to find out, one way is to look up the keyword in the store. "Snoring", "sleep talking" and "sleep" are displayed as suggestions, but "lack of sleep" is not displayed as suggestions. Since keywords that are actually searched a lot appear as candidates in the suggestions, it can be said that "lack of sleep" is a low priority keyword as a countermeasure this time. In this way, it is important for ASO measures to start with the selection of keywords as a preliminary preparation and create the axis of measures.

Now let's take action! Keywords for this countermeasure: "snoring", "sleep talking", "sleep"


2. Title

Let's start with the title. The current title consists of only the brand name..  As it is now, it's simple, stylish, and cool! It seems that it is also a considerable loss in terms of ASO. Including the keywords you selected earlier in the title is a specific countermeasure. With that in mind, I tried it once. It's true that keywords are included, but this is unnatural when reading. We will modify it to a suitable form as a title while including keywords.

  • Contains important keywords
  • Not unnatural in terms of flow and grammar
  • Contains within 30 characters


3. Subtitle

Well, it's true that the appeal of "I'm embarrassed that I don't know?" Let's fix this too! Again, it's important to include relevant keywords here, so I'll try to fix it around that... Each title and subtitle has a character limit of 30 characters, so this is 10 characters over. It's beautiful in English, and it's nice to include the keyword "sleep" that should be addressed. And it's a little more compact... isn't it!

  • Contains important keywords
  • Not unnatural in English
  • Contains within 30 characters

 It's okay to proceed with the subtitle basically with the same recognition as when composing the title. By the way, the title and subtitle can be up to 30 characters each, but not all of them are actually displayed in the store. It is also necessary to consider in advance that the back will be hidden. It is recommended to put the text that you want to show to the user at the front.

4. Description

If I write this out, it will be long, so I will be brief. Your description should highlight your app's features and functionality, and provide the final push for installation. Also, it is important to include keywords. Since there is plenty of room in the number of characters, it is possible to sell here what is the appealing point compared to other apps of the same genre.

  • Describe the appeal of the app such as functions and features
  • Incorporate important keywords
  • Not unnatural in English

 Titles and subtitles don't have much freedom, so let's appeal to the fullest with descriptions! Next! 100 character keyword!


5. Keyword

Due to the 100 character limit, we call it a "100 character keyword". As a meaning, it is an image like "# (hashtag)". Since the 100-character keyword is invisible to users, it is possible to set keywords that cannot be included in the title and subtitle.

 Prioritize to fit within 100 characters:

  • Highly related keywords are included 
  • Keywords that are actually searched a lot are selected
  • Expected keywords are covered

 If you can select based on this area, you will pass! So that's all for the text! In this way, if you can improve the text aspect of the title, subtitle, description, and 100-character keyword to expose the target keyword and display it at the top, you can maximize the number of impressions.

Now let's move on to the creative side of things! (If you're tired of reading, drink some water and take a break!)


Creative improvements

Thank you for waiting, next is the creative side.

 1. Icon

The current icon looks like this. As stylish as the title, right? If the brand value is high and the recognition is high to some extent, it's fine as it is, but for those who don't know it, it's really just an "O". yes. In order to get users who search with general keywords to see the product page of the app, it is necessary to devise ways to get them to click on the search results.

For example, let's say a user searches for "sleep". If you are searching for "sleep", it probably means "I heard that an app that improves the quality of sleep was introduced on TV" or "For the time being, I'm not getting enough sleep lately, so I wonder if there's a good app related to sleep." You must be thinking here:

  • Appeal with high visibility and impact
  • You can imagine what kind of app or icon only
  • Relationship with the core search keyword

 These are going to be the point. Considering the list above, this time I tried to imitate the good elements of similar apps!


With this, you can immediately tell that it is a "sleep" app at a glance, and it's easier to see than before the improvement!

 ✓Appeal with visibility and impact

  • High-visibility and symbolic symbols such as moon, microphone, face, zzz, etc. are used.

✓You can imagine what kind of app or icon only

  • By using symbols, you can concisely tell what kind of app it is.

✓Relationship with the key search

  • It may be effective to write related symbols or "Negoto recording" and app functions!
2. Screenshot

Well, it's understandable, but it's not attractive… "Sleep talking and snoring recording app" It's easy to understand, but you may not be able to imagine the actual usage scene. Screenshots are extremely important items that can visually convey the appeal of the app. Here you need to make the most of it even if it takes time to create. You can set up to 10 screenshots, so I would like to increase the number of screenshots as much as possible to increase the amount of appeal.

 In addition, the screenshot can be set in either horizontal or vertical format. Which one is better depends on the app, but did you know that when displayed in the App Store search results, the vertical format has a higher share? In terms of screen occupancy, the vertical type is more effective! However, in reality, the effect will change depending on the genre of the app, so it is best to make improvements while verifying by turning the PDCA cycle.

The point of improvement is the same as the icon

  • Appeal with high visibility and impact
  • Relevance to key search keywords
  • Describe the appeal of the app, such as functions and features
  • Appeal for usability

 There are plenty of things to appeal! What's more, you can actually set up a preview video on your store page. Videos can be packed with a lot of appeal, and they can also differentiate your app from other apps.

 ASO is more than just organic...!

So far, I have written about specific measures for ASO, but surprisingly, ASO measures have a very positive effect on advertising effectiveness. ASA auctions are determined by "bid unit price x quality score x click rate", but it is possible to increase the quality score among them by implementing ASO measures. If you can raise your Quality Score, you can lower your unit price and run your ads accordingly. Conversely, ASA also benefits ASO. By distributing ASA, you can find the optimal keyword, so if you take ASO measures with those keywords, you can proceed with more effective ASO measures.

 Therefore, there are many people who think that ASO is only an organic measure, but in fact, "ASO x ASA" has a lot of synergy and is inseparable even if it is cut (very important).



Regarding the applied version of using ASO, I introduced how to actually take ASO measures with concrete examples. There is no fixed answer for ASO measures, both textually and creatively, and the best answer will always change depending on algorithms, circumstances, and needs. Therefore, it is important to constantly turn the PDCA cycle and make improvements, rather than saying, "I've taken measures once and I'm already relieved."

By the way, our company, which is writing this article, specializes in the app marketing business, and we are constantly running the PDCA cycle for ASO and app advertising, so if you want to know more about ASO, please contact us! We will support you. If you read this article and feel like you've deepened your understanding of ASO,we have published various other articles, so please drop by ♪

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